Chinese hand-woven carpets process

China’s carpet weaving is a traditional manual process, working together particularly complex and difficult labour, hand-woven silk carpets the main process are: drawings, with line, pegged by, knitting, after a blanket-cut, washed, such as Wan Sui Dozens of procedures.

Handmade silk carpets of the main points of Chinese design patterns and Persian designs, patterns and more to the ancient Chinese art, myths and legends, the “Bible” story as a theme, the large-scale use of Chinese traditional auspicious patterns, each have different patterns of implication. For example, to pomegranates, bergamot, Xiantao composed of three fruit ‘Fushoushan more than three’ logo, the implication of more and more multi-fu shou; symbol of multi-pomegranate, Xiantao live longer than intended, said the Buddha-you wonderful bergamot; ‘Yu-tang of wealth’, Technology The division of the carpet pattern design drawings, it also will be enlarged in accordance with the size of the carpet, made of the blueprint, a blueprint for the above is a box, each box with different symbols logo, it represents a different color yarn root , In accordance with the blueprint for the weavers to weave.

Into line
Staining, the former natural dyes from plants, minerals extracted. Use of the ancient dyeing process, so that under normal temperature in natural silk, a long time to accept the plant pigment attached to a layer of silk with excellent protection, is also often combined with synthetic chemical dyes, to increase the diversity of color.

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Its production is in a rectangular framework – of the beam. Will be a warp in accordance with a fixed distance from top to bottom around the level of the beams, the warp density determines the carpet texture, the warp of the more detailed designs clear, of course, the greater workload.

Start a new carpet weaving, the Weavers would not immediately use the color line knotting, first-line use canvas weave Ji Gongfen seems kind of smooth long before in accordance with the blueprint, using different colors of thread in the online fight Guitar. Then use a special knife cut off Rongxian, forming a velvet head, a row of good texture, the widening, so that warp before and after the formation of a cross-Wen (TAC pull the plant velvet carpet relatively thick, compared with the yarn, compared Cishi, Firm), through a latitude of iron after using a special comb tapping compaction, and his party will be woven into this, carpet weaving is from the point to the line by line to face, exquisite carpets will be 1.1 points to the molding.

After the sequence of work
After weaving on the End-cutting, weaving carpets in accordance with the division of the design, control location, depth, angle, pruning a very smooth results. Finally washed, Wan Sui, such an exquisite handmade carpets completed.