Chinese textile industry should be innovative and creative

China textile industry is learning to imitate in the fast-growing, and its development has, like other industries, from small-scale replication and simple processing, to the development of large-scale design their own research and development.

Since reform and opening up by the textile industry is one of the products to the cross-industry, cross-regional “Home” into the model; by the production-oriented to consumption-oriented step by step change in the consumer-to-end channels and the impact of growing; Home atmosphere for the development of the brand has become a strong, growing number of textile enterprises have begun to implement brand strategy.

In 1999, the textile industry put forward a “home”. The concept will be a number of related areas and re-packaging of products, product more humane, but also increased a lot of amazing people with the details of the content. Some enterprises gradually to the bed with a towel products, home extension service in the field of production, a growing number of apparel, home textiles fabrics business to the area, some well-known costume designer for the textile enterprises have begun to design products. “Home” has become widely accepted textile industry and many companies advocate the development of the model.

Textile industry is the core competence of soft power, it is necessary to do this, first of all must be innovative and creative.

Since reform and opening up textile industries have been designed to explore, we learn from modern western design, closely follow the European trend, China’s textile integration into the world’s tide, but to some extent, ignored this National Mining style and innovation.

In recent years, the Chinese textile industry to pursue the original design of a growing trend of strong textile enterprises are no longer satisfied with the “Western Learning” pattern of trying to set up Chinese textile design, textile design to China international textile Fashion trends in the international textile and pattern become the protagonist.

China’s textile design style of the times has come home design is a form of corporate brand image of the core business should be to build brand image for personalized Home Design, with the formation of Chinese cultural characteristics of personalized Home Design Style. It is for this reason, the textile industry to effectively protect intellectual property rights of innovative products, will not suppress independent innovation.

Since 2000, Chinese textile industry for the past 6 years to maintain an average annual growth rate of 30%, China has become the emerging field of textile industry, has attracted a large number of investors into the textile industry. We look forward to the textile industry to industry can be more pleasant.