Cotton in Shandong Province of weather conditions and farm proposal

Early-April to early May, the high temperature, precipitation, sunshine on the high side. Cotton in the seedling stage at present, most cotton is more suitable for soil moisture content, soil relative humidity above 60% generally, Lu in some areas there is drought Lunan.


  First, pre-climatic characteristics


(A) precipitation and soil moisture content


Early-April to early May, the province’s average of 94.8 millimeters of precipitation than 107 percent year on the high side, high side over the same period 49.0 millimeters (Figure 1,2). The current is more suitable for most cotton moisture, relative humidity of the soil generally in the 60% ~ 90%. May 8, according to the measured moisture data analysis throughout the province there are 173.3 thousand hectares (260 hectares) of farmland have been affected, of which 23.3 dry weight 1000 hectares (35 million), appears in the drought-hit areas in the eastern part of Lu, Lu parts of the South East and Southwest.


9 ~ 10, the province had a larger process of precipitation, precipitation mainly concentrated in the northwest Lu Lu in some areas and some areas of the peninsula. The precipitation process, eased the drought in some areas.


(B) temperature and sunshine


Early-April to early May, the province’s average temperature 16.1 ℃, higher than the annual 1.7 ℃. Southern, south-eastern parts of Shandong in below 15 ℃; Lu Northwest most, and Shandong Lunan parts of central and western parts of more than 17 ℃ in which a maximum of Jinan 18.3 ℃; other areas in between 16 ~ 17 ℃ (Figure 3); the province’s average of 328.3 hours of sunshine hours than 8.2 hours on the high side all the year round.


Second, the weather forecast in mid-May


Expected two-year process of precipitation, respectively, in the early-year and year-in. Year-average rainfall in most areas on the high side than the year-round, year-average temperature close to year-round.


15 to 16, cloudy to overcast weather in the province of Lu, the Lunan and areas of the peninsula to the heavy rain, other areas of a small to moderate rain.


Third, measures and recommendations


Cotton field management is the central task: the preservation of seedlings and promote stronger, for early-onset, in order to lay the foundation for high-yield harvest.


(A) of plastic film mulching cotton, cotton unearthed about 70%, flat cotyledons, green leaf color, it is necessary to timely hole, after film hole with soil will be covered to prevent bulk moisture.


(B) do a good job in the fertilizer management of cotton sowing. Interplanting cotton fertilizer in adequate facilities, the seedlings generally do not need ; not Shi fertilizer in cotton fields of wheat, to close promptly after wheat fertilization. light watering to prevent a large number of high temperature and drought caused by  row in time after the rain, combined with water, as early as the burying of fat, and promote early-onset.


(C) cotton wheat seedlings to timely thinning, , to improve the ecological environment in cotton fields. Lung off on the block, Richard Miller a timely manner, fill the gaps with seedlings. Wheat after the row in time to increase the soil permeability.


(D) prone to seedling cotton aphid, cotton bollworm and other pests, it is recommended all over the attention of prevention and treatment.