Prices increase the cost of raw materials production and sales pressure weaving factory

Some time ago as a result of upstream raw material prices, which increase the cost of the lower reaches of weaving, so last week, the market price of chemical fiber fabrics sales up, but as the price of heating Polyester, marketing has become increasingly desolate. According to market participants generally reflected the lower reaches of woven plant materials for high-level resistance increasingly concentrated in price negotiations with customers, it is difficult to reach an agreement, reported the current price so that would have been hope that the next bath single customer, and downstream textile manufacturers to wait and see psychological thick, almost no bulk transactions, the fabric market sales last week there was a short-term process of decline.


Another loom the market remained stable, around 68% in water, about 75 percent in the jet, with a clear decline in previous years.


Although the fabric products market last week Shengze relatively flat overall sales, but the market is still relatively popular, some fabrics, as follows:


Polyamide / Cotton velvet fabric elastic sense: the fabric of the advantages of multi-materials in one, is high in technology, innovation and a strong sense of fashion fabrics. It is understood that the use of 70D nylon yarn products, 21S combed cotton yarn, 40D Spandex Covered Yarn for raw materials, selection of fine plain Organization, specifications for the 124 × 72, in air-jet looms from the weaving, fabric through stereotypes, dyeing, mill After the hair, such as finishing process, the fabric has a nylon fabric is not only the color and characteristics, and have the comfort of cotton fabrics with softness, in addition, as a result of accession to the spandex, the better the elastic fabric. Its width is 150cm, weight is 305g / m, the market reference price of 17 yuan / m from top to bottom, this fabric is now the main export-oriented to the production of high-end casual wear for men and women, professional packages and so on.


Synthesis of Polyester / Polyamide cotton fabric: the fabric composition of raw materials for polyester 42% silk, 23% nylon yarn, 35% pure cotton yarn, plain weave fine selection of organization, density 130 × 70 for the air-jet looms in the weaving of imports from the fabric is that it give full play to the advantages of polyester, nylon, cotton raw materials of these three complementary effects of both polyester sag and style, and color and characteristics of nylon, cotton fabrics at the same time have the flexibility, comfort, air permeability. Its width fabric is 145cm, focus grams 240 grams / m, the market reference price in the 12.15-13.20 yuan / m between the main export-oriented fabrics.


T / R fabric small implicit grid: latitude and longitude of the fabric to the use of 40S Polyester and Viscose yarn, 32S artificial cotton yarn as raw materials, specifications 30 × 30,78 × 63, Selection of fine mesh hidden in air-jet looms from the weaving, width for the 150cm, weight is 180g / m, the current market reference price Shengze 695 yuan / m, the fabrics are mainly used for men and women suits, suits and other high-end fashion fabrics.


Silk cotton microfiber Kam: The Polyamide / Cotton fabrics are high-grade products, raw materials used × 80S combed cotton 40D/34F nylon, 40D/34F nylon × (60S +40 D) combed cotton (stretch), roughly divided into the following specifications species: 180 × 100,190 × 110,200 × 120,210 × 130 and so on. The fabric used by the ultra-fine silk nylon extinction 40D/34F, weft silk long-staple combed cotton with high-80S as the raw material, air-jet looms in the weaving together, the fabric width 165cm, after finishing process, with free iron, wrinkle resistant, breathable, perspiration and so on. The feature-rich, and now mainly high-end men’s and women’s casual wear fabrics.


Cationic fabric article mentioning: Last week, the fabrics come to the fore in Shengze fabric market, with its innovative technology tightly weaving business attracted the attention of many, not only actively traded stock, and an increase in sample orders. According to estimates, the cloth market outlook continues to be strong. It is understood that the use of cationic fabric FDY100D * triangular shaped polyester filament 150DFDY for raw materials, selection of small organizations in the water-jet loom jacquard woven into the. Process unique, technologically advanced dyeing and finishing. Trendy style with its charming, supple feel comfort, texture thin breathable, anti-static and so easy to take care of the unique advantages of the popular favorite of female beauty. Its width fabric for the 150cm, weight of 165 (g/m2), the market is now pricing in 9.65 yuan / m, suitable for the production of fabrics are mainly applicable to women, dress fabric, shirt fabric, children’s wear fabrics. Cationic fabric to be a good reason why the sales, mainly due to raw material mix well, followed by the appearance of the United States and feel good.


In materials: Last week, high-density polyester taffeta Shengze market sales began to heat, such as 290T, 320T polyester taffeta extinction, is now gradually increasing orders, is expected some time in the future there will still be a heavy volume of space.