Cotton policytrue gainers will be cotton prices

States under the global financial crisis and save the market have been offering program content is nothing more than to stabilize the market, increase investment and expand consumption. I feel the most direct and save the market is cotton, the original intention of the policy should be to stabilize the market, protect the interests of growers.

Up to now the number ofcottonhas more than 1,100,000 tons, 12,600 +400 =price of 13,000 yuan / ton, cotton futures prices over the same period Zheng 10500 ~ 11500 yuan / ton, with an average 11,000 yuan / ton.price higher than the market price of 2,000 yuan1,100,000 tons, direct losses of 2.2 billion.

cotton in the agriculturalonly one representative, soybeans also very similar. The main effect of our policy is to stabilize market prices, the expansion of the direct effects of the demand was not obvious.

The most important thing, our policy has been to repeat their mistakes difficult to change. China’s insufficient domestic demand with its own economic structure, the main enterprises are profitable, personal disposable income of less than an increase. Cotton policytrue gainers will be cotton prices, and the main body ofginneries 400.

Slightlystart a bit of cotton market, but farmers have not been too many interests, 400 cotton prices can be sold to 12,000 ~ 12,300 yuan / ton, higher than the same period in 1000 packet type of cotton, cotton Deputy settlement Reserve intermediate ‘s post from 1000 to 2000 yuan, but also in the current adverse market environment, as an intermediarycotton trading market in Beijing, a single collection of enterprise storage fees on more than 10 million yuan, (10 yuan / ton, excluding collection of cotton in storage fees may be 10 or lower). For Beijing 1000cotton trading market is not a small sum of profits. What I mean is that the recession or even lay-offs in all walks of life circumstances, it was actually issued by a national policy, our economic structure is really to be improved.

Our policy should benefit the cotton growersincreasing personal disposable income of this is the only way to start domestic demand and a favorable adjustment of economic structure. But the current policy has increased the profits of enterprises, which have been no wonder, China’s economic growth was mainly driven by investment, there is no consumer demand will have to invest, how to report it, our economic development goals, then what is it?

Moreoverartificially pushed up the prices of raw materials, and has reduced the competitiveness of enterprises for imported goods has created a favorable sales opportunities, compared with those who benefit the individual’s economic policy until a more equitable and more effective.