Cotton this week in the spot market continues to remain active

Cotton high sideways this week. Cotton 901 main line of K-week contract closed at 11,285, up 305 yuan last, the last increase in volume, increase in 4954 positions.

Cotton this week in the spot market to continue to maintain active, to close cross of cotton Reserve is almost entirely the power lies. Cotton spot cotton price is expected to have generally stabilized and began to buy seed cotton, large-scale textile enterprises have begun to offer up lint. By contrast, futures prices began to stable, red on the kinetic energy of less than two weeks ago, this is the policy of pre-digest the embodiment of good. Proposal to maintain long positions, short wait and see.

China this week, the cotton price index continued to fall, the 10,662 reported Friday. Warehouse receipts, this week, 348 cotton warehouse receipts, the last 60 by effectively forecast 571.

U.S. cotton this week set higher, dollar weakness and short-covering boost prices. NYBOT Cotton March contract Zhou K Line to close at 46.6 cents, up 5.1.