CPPCC Vice-Chairman went to the city of Haiyang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Jiangsu research

Yesterday, the city People’s Political Consultative Conference Vice-Chairman Wang to lead the city of IESS responsible comrades to link the aid of Jiangsu Haiyang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. research to understand the business to address the financial crisis, coordinate and solve business problems.

Haiyang Chemical Fiber Company former South Sinopec Group transformed from Taizhou Chemical Fiber Company is China’s first professional production of cotton-lun 6 dipped cord fabric factory is one of key enterprises, municipal and high-growth enterprises. Financial crisis, the company’s production and sales in the cord at the same time do a good job, pay close attention to the development of new products expected full-year 2008 sales revenue of up to 900 million yuan.

Wang pointed out that in 2009 Haiyang Chemical Fiber Company is a crucial year for development, hoping to seize business cards business opportunities, increase new product marketing efforts to maintain the momentum of stable development of enterprises. Relevant departments must take immediate action, and use to the full all the preferential policies to help solve practical problems and provide quality services for enterprises