Cypress Group to invest in Zhejiang more than 800,000,000 search for economic growth

“This production equipment worth 5 million yuan more than 2000, if all put into place, the annual profit will more than 400,000,000 yuan … …” Yesterday, the Economic Development Zone in Shangyu, Zhejiang Province by the Cypress Group Limited (referred to as the Cypress Group) to form the Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang cypress clean the workshop, co Zhengzhi Dong, deputy general manager, executive, said confidently. If it were not for Zheng Zhidong away, we can not put a traditional textile printing and dyeing enterprises and make solar power a high-tech enterprises linked.

Ranked highest textile printing and dyeing industry

But was not willing to observe the status quo-an

Cypress Group is a printing and dyeing-based, chemical fiber, weaving the supplement group. Since its inception in 1976, the company has been the traditional printing and dyeing, weaving industry hard, the country’s exports of advanced enterprises in Zhejiang Province, “a group of five” key enterprises in Shaoxing City, “Small Giants” enterprises with self-jin Exports, the vast majority of products exported to the United Kingdom, France, Italy and other countries in the Middle East, and Africa. Among them, the bleaching and dyeing jacquard satin province has been nurturing the development of the province’s Economic and Trade Commission as “100 products”, and the market share of exports in the first nationwide;’s another big product color Superfine Polyester staple fiber with an annual output of the scale of 5000 Tons, Zhejiang Province, for the high-tech industrialization projects.

In the eyes of other colleagues, Cypress Group is a well-known big companies in this industry have their own voice. But the root Zhubai chairman of the board in the years of experience in the market knows, the business of the industry chain is constantly improving and supporting anti-risk capacity of enterprises to raise the handle, and innovation is an inexhaustible impetus to the development of enterprises. It can be said that in recent years, the Cypress Group in the industrial upgrading of product mix and frequency on the international market to open up a new move, it was good economic and social benefits.

But the root Zhubai not satisfied with the others appear to have a good situation, his in-depth analysis of international and domestic situations on the basis of keenly realized that the traditional industries of textile printing and dyeing enterprise, and its profits have been growing thin, and At present, the country’s environmental protection efforts continue to increase, as well as “energy-saving reduction” continuous improvement, enterprise and then broke new ground has been difficult. “Only to find new room for development in order to make the enterprise in an invincible position.” Zhu Bo himself to the root of a new business goal.

Set foot in the building of clean energy

Let solar energy into electrical energy

A business, profit is inevitable, but it can not ignore the social benefits. After careful consideration, Zhu Bo proposed to root unswervingly follow the “high technological content, good economic returns, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution” of a new road to industrialization. When he was informed of the application of solar energy in foreign countries are already quite mature, and is still in its infancy domestic stage, but Shangyu in the photovoltaic industry must have been on the basis of the situation, decided the next step will be the development goals set for green energy – photovoltaic Industry.

To this end, the Cypress Group first joint participation in other enterprises set up in Zhejiang Science and Technology Bi-crystal Limited (referred to as crystal Bi), after a crucial technology has broken the domestic photovoltaic industry in the development of low-grade raw materials, the “bottleneck” Innovation from a metallurgical silicon crystal silicon purification technology, the use of technology so that the silicon crystal to achieve the purity of 99.9999 percent or more.

Bi-crystal silicon from metallurgical purification in crystalline silicon success for the domestic industry in the development of a huge open space. At present, the annual output of 80 tons of crystalline silicon photovoltaic industry projects have been included in Shangyu City, the focus of industrial construction projects.

Subsequently, the Cypress Group and also the momentum, the Economic Development Zone in Shangyu, Zhejiang set up Cypress Photovoltaic Technology Limited (referred to as “Cypress PV”), with an annual output of the implementation of 100MW film solar cell production line project. According to the company’s executive vice president of Zheng Zhidong, the project with a total investment of 800,000,000 yuan, a multi-billion investment in the first phase of the project has been completed and is now in pre-production stage. “Cypress photovoltaic” is the use of crystal Bi provided by the upper reaches of products, the production of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells of the raw material – silicon solar batteries and film.

After the success of corporate restructuring

Can be reached substantial benefits

Zheng Zhidong said the solar photovoltaic industry is the conversion of light energy to electrical energy industry, compared to the solar thermal industry advanced several times, and to achieve this transformation, is currently the most widely used vector is a crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, but high-purity silicon crystals Purification technology over the years has been monopolized by a small number of developed countries, high import prices, they successfully developed the product of great market potential. According to his analysis, the project is in line with the state policy to encourage the development of key national projects, but in accordance with the current economic situation, corporate earnings still difficult to say how many, because the larger changes in the prices of raw materials, but once the economic situation into normal, And while the normal business operation, to achieve annual sales 2,590,000,000 yuan, the highest profit 461,000,000 yuan, which will no doubt start the second group to lay a solid foundation. ”


Search for economic growth

It is true also open a new path

Enterprises to make profits from its diverse forms can, of course, if the technological transformation of enterprises to enhance value-added products; some enterprises to extend the industrial chain, the products stack up profits; some of them through a variety of operating To “the East-West does not shine”. The reporter’s interview with The Cypress Group, among the last case, but the industry has jumped into the “traditional” word, jumped to a new technology and wealth to the challenge, and not lose focus on the social benefits Clean energy industries. From which it is not hard to see at the helm of the enterprise care and thought, and economic control of strategic vision.

This editor has been interviewed by an enterprise, the new Paojiang in the urban areas of business used to work in the textile production, then see about the health of the oxygen machine industry, but the product does not find the way, also did not hesitate to turn to the production of liquid crystal , And other electronic products, ultimately made an unexpected economic benefits. Therefore, in the current competitive market, cruel, after all, open a new path to find new business growth point of a solution.