November 7 domestic cotton information

Domestic spot: November 7, the China Cotton (11015,305.00,2.85% of it) price index (CC Index328 level) to 11,276 yuan / ton, down 157 yuan; CC Index229 level to 11,693 yuan / ton, down 149 yuan; CC Index527 level to 10,676 yuan / ton, down 248 yuan.

Bring together the market: November 7, MA0812 to close at 10,750 yuan, the average price of 10,694 yuan, down 272 yuan; MA0901 to close at 10,829 yuan, the average price of 10,871 yuan, down 258 yuan. The whole volume 7480 tons with a total capacity of 55,480 tons order to reduce 2180 tons.

Mr Cotton futures: November 7, Cheng cotton in order to limit the end of the week’s price, 5 consecutive trading day slump, the cumulative rate reached 12.6 percent, continued to increase their holdings, the spot is still down; CF811 delivery on the contract closed down 475 points 11,285

Cotton imports: November 7, to continue to offer to replace imported cotton, down 1-2 cents, 1 percent tariff on individual species have been close to offer RMB yuan mark. Cotton said that while prices in the process of closing the market steady, but demand is likely to be worse than many expected. Weekly export of cotton from the U.S., China to the United States signed the amount of cotton is still very scarce.