Demian shares global organic textile standard certification

Co., Ltd. in Shandong Demian made in October last year IMO (Switzerland Eco Market Association) presented the OE100 Certification of organic cotton products, the recently acquired gots the agency issued a global standard certification of organic textiles, and further widening of the company Organic Cotton Products recognized range and sales channels.


Organic cotton is a natural pollution-free cotton, not only in agricultural production does not allow the use of chemical products, spinning in the production process also requires non-polluting. With the growing awareness of environmental protection, a growing number of consumers in regard to the pursuit of wearing a warm and beautiful at the same time, pay more attention to health and comfortable function, organic cotton products because of their ecological, green, environmental protection features, so has great room for development. However, organic cotton products to go out of the country must go through the relevant bodies of the certification.


To this end, the shares from Demian to create “green Demian” start with, and vigorously implement the eco-production. They are not only in accordance with the ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system requirements for sewage treatment, pollution control, such as cotton dust, set up a sound management system and monitoring system, but also specifically for organic cotton and other green products, developed production management rules, the implementation of scheduled regional, set machine, will be parking spaces for one-stop production and management tracking. The company accepted certified eco-swiss Market Association (IMO) international comparisons are well-known “organic textile standard” one certification body, the agency issued a global organic textile standard certificate, in the international community has a certain authority. Textile exports in the current face many barriers to trade under the grim situation, the company achieved this certification will help to further improve the product prices, but also for future exports to open a green channel. Currently, Demian is actively expanding their sales, and strive to build organic cotton products benefits to become the company’s new growth point.