Deputies for the textile enterprises “plead” to find a way out

Gazed at a desk piled up into a “hill” of the 57 recommendations and the motion, from the National People’s Congress of Zhejiang Province Zhao in an interview with reporters said that this went to Beijing to participate in the national “two sessions”, he is for the enterprise, “plead” to a . In fact, Zhao Medium is not “alone”, many deputies have had such thoughts.


Tax rebate of injury: small run as one-step


Zhao opened the 57 recommendations and the motion, the reporter found that one of the enterprises involved, there were as many as 17. “With regard to the recommendations and the motion enterprises are enterprises visited at my post, summed up the contents of a representative.” Zhao told reporters the financial crisis, the current state of business survival are difficult.


In the textile industry “veteran” decades of Zhao in the plight of the enterprise with deep feeling. He suggested that the textile export tax rebate rate will be increased, because by the international financial crisis, China’s textile industrial products, volume, price or Qi, the first time in decades, the industry appears negative growth. “As a high dependence on external trade, but only country textile and garment export tax rebate from 14 percent to 15 percent to stimulate its development.” In his view, the short term increased by one percentage point discount enough . “Rather than small step such as one-step run yet.” Zhao in this proposal to enhance the textile export tax rebate rate to 17 percent, to “levy back 17% 17%” “no-tax export” standard.


The pain of funding: to reduce the cost of corporate finance


In 2008, as the private economy in Zhejiang province, suffered a great impact on international financial crisis. This reporter has learned that early at the beginning of this year, Zhejiang “two sessions,” when, how to assist small and medium-sized enterprises, especially to tide over the crisis had become the NPC deputies and CPPCC members concern. Deputies to the NPC attaches great importance not only to business enterprises find a way out, government officials from Zhejiang Province will also be concerned about the eyes of the people’s livelihood, “Focus” at the aid-to-business policies.


In discussing the relationship between enterprises and people’s livelihood, the National People’s Congress, Standing Committee, deputy director of Shaoxing Cart Xiao Lui said: “Security is the enterprise security growth in enterprise security is the protection of economic, security enterprise security is the people’s livelihood, enterprise is the people’s livelihood . aid enterprises are difficult to deal with the urgent work of the government. Although the current implementation of country moderate monetary fiscal policy, but the bank credit crunch, loan-Shen are still quite common phenomenon, the majority of small and medium-sized loans and financing remains difficult to highlight the problem. ”


“Who told me a lot of enterprises, banks are now on the collateral, guarantees and other requirements than the more stringent financial crisis, financial institutions, new loans balance the proportion of small textile enterprises.” Cars Xiao client suggested that the Government should reform the financial system assessment methods. “We should step up financial innovation, to guide the development of micro-credit companies, towns and villages banks, venture capital financing of small and medium-sized companies and other new types of financial institutions, corporate finance efforts to reduce costs.”


It is reported that in 2009, Zhejiang has increased the risk of loans for small businesses compensation efforts, and actively help enterprises reduce burdens, look for funds. Last year and this year the province will reduce the burden of enterprises total 10 billion yuan. In addition, Zhejiang Province will also come up with 350 million yuan this year to help export enterprises to respond to crises.


Worker Training: “cell” level of transformation and upgrading


Widespread concern at the adoption of the enterprise’s own transition to deal with financial crisis, the National People’s Congress Zhang Jian stars, however, look at the enterprise’s “cell” – the workers. “I suggest from the perspective of migrant workers to help enterprises from difficulties. The financial crisis lead to business losses or even bankruptcy, causing a large number of migrant workers are unemployed. In this regard, relevant government departments should be strengthened professional training of migrant workers, enhancing their level of skills. ”


“Vocational skills up, and help migrant workers find jobs, but also conducive to the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, difficulties at an early date.” Zhang Jian Xing said.