Domestic cotton prices continue to fall, Zhengzhou cotton price oscillation patterns die hard

ICE cotton by the impact of price movements Zhengzhou cotton prices opened higher following. Analysts believe that the domestic cotton price continued to fall under the influence of such factors, Zhengzhou cotton price oscillation patterns die hard.

Oct. 22 ICE cotton futures prices fell slightly, the main force in December contract fell 18 points, the settlement price of 50.42 cents / lb. Oct 23 Cheng Kai-high cotton prices go higher, 901 open contracts 12,170 yuan, to close at 12,305 yuan more than in the previous settlement price rose 150 yuan / ton, from a technical point of view, futures prices closed at 5 / 10 Day on average, MACD indicators of growth in Hong Zhu.

October 22, the resurgence of Dali in Shaanxi Province from 12 to 12.5 percent, from 1.8 to 2.0 percent of impurities, lint around 36% of the 3 seed cotton price from 2.65 to 2.70 yuan / jin, a very small amount of the acquisition, the resurgence of from 8.5 to 9.0 percent, the impurities 2.0 percent is about 3 vote with lint Public clearing price for delivery 1,2000 to 1,2100 yuan / ton, on October 21 were down 100 yuan / ton. Anhui cotton-growing areas of the seed cotton price in more than 2.55 to 2.65 yuan / jin, cotton enterprises in more than half stopped a half-open, in both the acquisition is not only extremely disappointing individual farmers will only sell seed cotton, the majority of cotton growers Hard Trading in a Dream is still more psychological, waiting for a turnaround in the market, offer lint on the same day also dropped to 11,500 yuan / ton. Xian county of Hebei seed cotton prices continue to fall, the local 3 seed cotton purchase price for 2.40 yuan / jin, over the previous week, fell 0.25 yuan / jin; cottonseed price of 0.94 yuan / jin, be converted into non-interest expenses and the cost of processing Lint cost of 10,040 yuan / ton.

In short, the country Shouchu good policy, the domestic cotton prices continue to fall under the influence of such factors, Zhengzhou cotton price trend oscillations die hard.