Meeting the global credit crisis in the rapid spread of the textile industry, more difficult

With the second loan crisis spread rapidly around the world, the trend of weakening external demand increasing, which directly led to the decline in China’s textile and garment exports, while exports of textile industry growth of 45% of the whole industry into this “winter.” Although November 1, 2008, the textile, clothing export tax rebate rate to 14% over the previous 13% increase of 1 percentage point. Industry analysts believe that textile and garment industry still hard to reverse the trend.

August 1 this year, textiles, apparel export tax rebate rate from 11% to 13%, while the increase of 1 percentage point lower than the rate of not only the previous, lower than the industry expected, the increase had been widely rumored in the industry before this time will be And then increase by 2 percentage points. It is reported that the export tax rebate rate of increase is the second increase this year.

In the industry said that the timing of introduction of the policy, the export tax rebate rate increase is to take a more flexible fiscal policy to ensure economic stability of the positive initiatives; from the scope of the adjustment, the adjustment cover nearly all textile and apparel products, including prior to being found “One of the two high-owned” (high-energy, high pollution and resource) products viscose fiber products; “Pu-tune” show on the country’s textile exports to judge the situation and to support foreign trade.

Data show that the January to September this year, China’s textile and apparel export a total of 136,940,000,000 U.S. dollars, and last year, up 8.12 percent from January to date, export growth has shown a continuous decline of 8 months in the doldrums pattern. Among them, textile export a total of 49,860,000,000 U.S. dollars, garment export a total of 87,080,000,000 U.S. dollars, the growth rate of 21.34 percent and 1.76 percent, respectively over the same period last year to speed up 7.14 percentage points and down 21.24 percent.

The industry is expected, in 2008 the textile and garment export growth rate of 5%, textile and apparel exports in 2009 will be a 5% overall, in 2009 estimated that an integrated textile and apparel exports in the total amount of about 167,500,000,000 U.S. dollars. In 2009 the average exchange rate of RMB against the U.S. dollar in accordance with estimates of 6.5, textile and garment export tax rebate rate by 1 percentage point increase for the textile and garment export enterprises 7,600,000,000 yuan in tax rebates. Do not take into account other changes in enterprises, 25% of the income tax, a tax rebate rate will be raised so that the textile industry increased by about 5,700,000,000 yuan of net profit.

Although the direct impact will be, but the industry generally, the fine-tuning of the entire industry is still limited, the future does not rule out further “feel good” out, but has yet to see the industry as a whole can reverse the tide of dawn.

August 1 this year, the export tax rebate rate by two percentage points up on the export policies have not produced in time, obviously, in August and September monthly growth rate of textile and garment exports were 1.68 percent and 1.80 percent, at the beginning of the continuation of Since the fall of the situation month by month.

The industry says China’s textile export enterprise bargaining power is rather poor, after the announcement of the policy, foreign importers will adjusting the rate of tax rebates, lower offer, increase the tax rebate rate of interest will be part of the foreign “to share.”