Dunhuang is not surprising that the mysterious carpet

“Life is like a travel destination, do not care, care about the scenery along the way and see the scenery of the heart.” Continuous look at the mountains, bead-like Pingba, deep valleys, high-altitude glaciers, everything can be We travel to meet life’s imagination. Here, Xiao Bian specifically for the trips you want to prepare a travel guide, while playing side to enjoy the adventure stimulus package on her own experience on the road to feel it!

Cai Xiang Feng Fu Rong Rong line,

Soft velvet flower-off is not true.

Stepped-American song and dance,

Rose did not step with Xiu Xie.

If this is a riddle, the answer is it?

Dunhuang is the carpet!

In fact, this is not a riddle, but admiration for the ancient Dunhuang carpet of fine words.

Dunhuang that the mystery is not unusual, it is only natural, Dunhuang carpet with a mysterious atmosphere is probably the so-called: water and soil support one side, one side features specialty Shuaibu Diao!

Dunhuang carpet has a long history, from generation to generation process according to legend, is a fine tradition of handmade art. This processing from the carpet, have the same strain of the distant Dunhuang is in the air.

Dunhuang carpet fiber raw materials for a long, shiny, strong high-tension lines of wool. Using this line of woven products, give people the impression that color coordination, flexibility pattern; blanket feels smooth and bright surface, the texture of soft, flexible; in particular the appearance of the antique, giving covertly a bright, quiet and comfortable feel.

Dunhuang carpet into the basic image of the Dunhuang murals adorned the United States and the rough mountains and rivers of the Northwest into one box, both Arab color patterns. Tourists to Dunhuang, will find this a very good and the laying of the bedroom wall decoration products.

Ordinary people do not even look at the world’s best treasure of ancient Chinese emperors, and escape the charm of the Dunhuang carpet, such as the Emperor Qianlong praised it absolutely fine.