Fashion sets of furniture so strong festive atmosphere

Spring Festival is drawing near, the streets around New Year filled with all the atmosphere of their homes to natural Huadianxinsi, rendering a festive atmosphere. On New Year arrangements at home, most people want a room with strong festive flavor, but also do not want to undermine the home’s style. Inevitable that the breakthrough role for some stereotypes. In fact, what does not need to buy new furniture, brain and the original furniture transform a combination of methods, or planning to re-look layout of the space, the installation of a small jewelry point, the room will be able to shine in the thick smell.
Small jewelry bring big changes

Home accessories appears to be small, but most of the unique shape and texture: or elegant, or wild, or wild, or quaint, or popular Chinese New Year … … everyone can own a mind to go. Like Chinese-style can be reflected in the master Bo broad national sentiment; Western-style, embodies the romantic … … only 12, 34, simple, you do not have much trouble, the room will be able All of a sudden Reborn, with elegant.

Cloth so that it easier for a home color

In addition to the bed, sofa, wardrobe, and so can not say for the big guy on the exchange, bedding, pillow, the curtains are suitable for changing easily with the color of the small objects, arranged a happy warm and romantic room is not difficult. In the corner of the living room placed a single red chair, and eye-catching type. Cloth-made furniture with elegant lightweight design, beautiful colors, harmonious colors and beautiful patterns changing, soft texture to the room brings a crisp and lively atmosphere, the more people respect nature and the pursuit of leisure, relaxed, warm and psychological Good taste. At the same time, cloth-made furniture also can be a clean cloth or replacement set of features, you can at any time according to their mood, to switch to a different set of colors of the cloth.

Fashion sets of furniture so strong festive atmosphere

There is no change in the sofa sets faster and more practical results would be the most significant. No matter what combination of the sofa, sofa sets for the sofa for more than simple and cheap. It also can not attract much attention Cangzhuo sofa, but also make eyes, put on new colors, styles, filled with festive atmosphere.

Sofa sets the texture of a lot of choices, laid-back sets of cotton, comfortable denim sets, extravagant sets of silk or velvet, leather and elegant office set you select. In addition to the usual sofa set, the more prepared a party, festive atmosphere of sofa sets, home at any time to update layout.

Once the decision sets the color of the sofa, remember that cushion set, chair of the color sets will be reunified, from the bedroom to the living room, all should pay attention to the overall style of home color coordination. As eye-catching bold colors, you can use a small amount, the arrangement of emphasis (such as: cushion, curtain), or as a main color tone, Shenan match different colors, or you play a strong contrast: red and green control.

If not sensitive to color, or a different color theme, or safety, and most of the designers, to the tone for the white, play the parts arranged more room for more plastic.

For example, the color of the curtains, on behalf of the outside of the window, it is important to create an atmosphere of home layout. The quiet blue, red passion, warmth of yellow, green natural way. If the big carpet, such as a small cushion, once replaced a significant effect. Wrangler’s desolate desert, the tribal peoples of the dazzling craft, or modern geometric patterns, the choice of carpet should match the overall value for money.