February 18 domestic cotton market information Comments

  Domestic spot: February 18, China’s cotton (12020,20.00,0.17%) price index (CC Index328) 11213 yuan / ton, up 115 yuan, 527 average price of cotton to plant 10,124 yuan / ton. Today the acquisition of 328 Chinese cotton reference price (36% lint percentage, 10% moisture) 2.30 yuan, the cost of 10,792 yuan, basically the same as yesterday’s.

     Matching markets: February 18, MA0903 to close at 12,100 yuan, an average price of 12,124 yuan, up 15 yuan; MA0904 to close at 12,100 yuan, an average price of 12,093 yuan, down 22 per; MA0905 to close at 12,250 yuan, an average price of 12,200 yuan, down 14 yuan; MA0906 to close at 12,301 yuan, an average price of 12,267 yuan, down 9 yuan. Overall turnover of 4540 tons, 960 tons over the previous reduction, the total order quantity is 59,820 tons, increasing 80 tons.

     Mr Cotton Futures: February 18, Zheng cotton futures , slightly down, the main contract CF905 opened at 12,075 yuan highest point of the day / ton, followed by concussion drop and the lowest was 11,955, down 115 the ultimate check and accept in 11,965 yuan / ton. Trading remained light today, a total of 27,468 traded hands, while hands 2340 to 52,506 in hand, the main Pupil certain , multiple aspects of relatively more obvious.

     Imports of cotton: February 18, the U.S. cotton varieties emot up against the market trend, or 0.45-0.9 cents, other varieties of Chinese main port quotation continued to decline, down 0.5 cents India cotton. It is understood that the U.S. cotton prices after the sale in good condition, coupled with the current rising prices of domestic resources nervous, so many U.S. cotton mills have been ordered, but were a lot of Inquiry.