February 6 Comments domestic cotton market

Domestic spot: February 6, China’s cotton (12045,105.00,0.88%) price index (CC Index328) 11117 yuan / ton, up 2 yuan, 527 average price of cotton to plant 10,035 yuan / ton. China to buy 328 cotton reference price (36% lint percentage, 10% water) at 2.25 yuan, the cost of 10,674 yuan, a slight decrease.

Matching markets: February 6, MA0903 to close at 11,865 yuan, an average price of 11,856 yuan, up 35 yuan; MA0904 to close at 11,900 yuan, an average price of 11,895 yuan, up 59 yuan; MA0905 to close at 11,978 yuan, an average price of 11,961 yuan, down 7 yuan; MA0906 to close at 12,060 yuan, an average price of 12,034 yuan, up 14 yuan. Overall turnover of 7080 tons more than the previous increase in 1060 tons, the total order quantity is 56,260 tons, 920 tons reduction.

Mr Cotton Futures: February 6, Andrew Cotton main contract CF905-ping open horizontal finishing early afternoon in the stock market rose with the price of copper (29510,1400.00,4.98%) trading, led by增仓long hair, and a view to rapidly rising prices , Vol days magnified, positions increased significantly. 32,066 contracts traded C905 day hand, date hand增仓4610, 48,422 hand closed positions; CF907 contracts traded Day 1568 hands, 864 hands增仓day, closed 7666 hand positions; CF909 contracts traded in 1908 date hand, day增仓476 hand, closed hand positions 6956.

Imports of cotton: February 6, with the exception of the U.S. cotton and cotton fell in Brazil other than the main port of China to replace imported cotton, Price has not changed. China plans to launch the revitalization of the textile industry, foreign markets subdued response, the experts believe that China’s cotton consumption will not be turning around in a short time. Specific to the immediate needs of the early imports of textile enterprises are being cotton to Hong Kong, recently resumed production after the meeting the Treasury to meet the demand expected to increase, but still relatively limited.