flour refined salt together do chinese rugs has coup battle relaxed

the people in the bridal chamber that has decorated, chinese rugs with its decorous riches and honour, the foot feels comfortable advantage is widely used, in use process we can discover chinese rugs some shortcomings let us very headache, do not easily, collect inconvenience to wait, below introduce several maintains chinese rugs skills. Carpet cleaning will certain proportional flour, refined salt and gypsum plaster powder, scale is (6:1:1), water and into paste heating cooling make become dry lump, then pressed into small pieces and then in chinese rugs dirty place, reoccupy is brushed forcedly make roll on chinese rugs, till boil farinaceous, then vacuumed clean can. Qiao dividing chinese rugs carelessly burns if chinese rugs scorched, we use the repair method eliminate, first will scorch place as far as possible with hard wool brush drop, then can the fluffy chinese rugs other places with scissors, reoccupy adhesive under the sticks it in scorch place, with the equivalent of books with plane something heavy pressed above, wait for after drying, stick on the adhesive of the firm, and finally hair comb gently with brush can be. Carpet recovery as new chinese rugs with long color no longer bright-coloured, should make old chinese rugs color becomes bright-coloured rise, can head one night in spill salt on the chinese rugs, the second day morning to the lukewarm rag that USES clean saline eliminate, the bright-coloured color of chinese rugs can restore. Carpet stains on the purify chinese rugs oil stains, plants and animals can dip in with cotton purity higher gasoline to wipe. Fruit juice and beer mark, should dip in with soft cloth first detergent solution is wiped, reoccupy warm water to add a few vinegar solution to swab. Ironmould, can be in corrupt place and fine of salt, reoccupy lukewarm soap is brushed except. If past appropriate USES milk soak for a moment, and then use brush dip in milk brushs mop can.