Focus on the global promotion of “eco-textile products,” the concept of

“Eco-textiles” is not a fact, as early as a new concept. However, many consumers do not have the “eco-textiles” and his life closely linked. In particular, because of ecological textile raw materials selection, production technology, certification testing, and other factors, making the price much higher than the average product, consumers can not be accepted.

However, in 2007 a series of environmental protection, making the public more aware of environmental issues and the severity of urgency. Especially for the higher consciousness of high-quality, high-income groups. They are concerned about environmental protection, from the perspective of nature into the living environment of their own, and even their own clothing and bedding, consumer goods, which is the second in the first skin and the environment. This is a welcome signal, SpinExpo in the exhibition, the concept of eco-textile products have been integrated into the popular culture trend line should be guided by the business quarter of product development for the international buyers purchasing new products to support decision-making.

SpinExpo launch of the exhibition entitled “with the language of flowers” in the spring and summer 2009 fashion trends show that the independence of the exhibition organizers, the ecological concerns of a positive attitude. Trend is divided into 4 series, referred to as azaleas, Anemone, gentian flowers and orchids, according to the organizers of these color from the natural order for dreams to make it penetrate each other and reach an innovative combination of humor . The trend in the display of products, recycling, natural organic cotton and a variety of colorful green products become the subject.

Fashion trends in the display area, is the concept of eco-products list goes on and on domestic products and foreign products on the same stage dance, each other. If Italy Filpucci’s display of 100% organic cotton fabric and 95% cotton / 5% organic cotton fabric and so on.

European exhibitors to display their products in autumn and winter 2009/10, the focus is also on the sustainable development, ecological balance, and other hot issues. Domestic product is also concerned about the ecological aspects of selling a big step, such as Hua Fu Group to launch two major themes of this exhibition, one of which is ecological and environmental protection, to display a series of new ecological products, such as 92% cotton / 8% 3e-WOOL-sided fabric is a plain natural fabrics, using Stoll knitting machine production, machine No. 18, these products are environmentally friendly use of organic materials or renewable sources of degradation of natural cellulose fibers, in the selection, design and production process to ensure that Ecological and conservation of resources.

Beam at the end of all textile research will focus on green products or product cycle, or a new type of fiber, or blend of new concepts or new finishing technology, a comprehensive ecological interpretation of the popular product information.