French exports to Turkey reached 100 million U.S. dollars machine

Traditional and modern styles of carpet in the Turkish city of Gaziantep rapid growth, 2008 will produce some 30 million square meters. The production of carpet yarn and woven art machines, mostly from France.

Gaziantep is Turkey’s carpet manufacturing center, Turkey has a long production process carpet. Gaziantep in the southeastern region, about an hour away from Istanbul, the plane journey, near the Syrian border, where 100 million people. Local housing and the rapid rise of production plant, the city every few months on an entirely new look. The textile industry, especially the carpet manufacturing, the rapid development of the local made outstanding contributions.

Gaziantep carpet manufacturers Association I. Yalçin Konukoglu said, Gaziantep city and the surrounding areas have 189 factories, direct and indirect employees in more than 30,000 people. These factories constitute a Turkish carpet industry more than 80%, 70% of the factories are one-stop integrated enterprise. Their own spinning, weaving their own rugs. Not long ago, they also only has about 3,000 locally-produced machine-woven carpets, and now, running in less than 200 local machine, and the modern machine-woven carpets have 650 units, an annual production capacity of 300 million square meters.

Turkey is an important French textile machinery market, in 2007 French exports to Turkey reached 100 million U.S. dollars machines (about one billion U.S. dollars in France exports 10%).