Fu Hing carpet stick to quality, brand road

Hangzhou Fu Hing Group based cause of environmental protection from chemical bottles → → → Carpet → carpet yarn sales, formed a complete industrial chain, owns: Hangzhou environmental protection Fu Hing Machinery Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Fu-xing Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Fu Hing Textile Co., Company, Hangzhou Fu Hing Carpet Company Limited, Oriental renewable resources , PET Recycling Ltd Hamburger six enterprises, the introduction of European and American country’s top production equipment and technical experts to ensure that the whole industry chain does not produce secondary pollution.


Hangzhou Fu Hing Group, the direct control of every aspect of production to ensure high quality and absolute cost advantages


Fu Hing in Europe and major cities have built very strong drinks bottle recycling processing base to ensure a steady supply of upstream raw materials.


Fu Hing production apart from high-quality synthetic fiber available to the Fu Hing textile production sand line, sand line is also a large number of plants in Europe’s main suppliers (such as: domo, beaulian), in particular R & D last modified PET, using the modified Fu Hing PET carpet made at room temperature under normal pressure can printing, for the carpet manufacturers to reduce environmental pollution, improve production efficiency.


Fu Hing time with a four-year advanced spinning coarse carpet manufacturing processes and technologies, set up the world’s advanced level of specialized carpet yarn factory, annual output can reach 5000 tons, becoming the European carpet industry, the main supplier of sand line.


Have a top-level production equipment and professional technology, the formation of technical barriers to ensure that the products in the domestic unparalleled sexual


Fu Hing has many world-class production equipment: Large and gross me Italian, German Auto coner drum machine automatic carvedilol, Belgium HDB spinning sand systems, French Superbar steam setting machine, the United States Tuftco Tufting carpet looms, the Netherlands order eniry automatically cut packaging systems, such as professional equipment ….


Fu Hing enterprises and large well-known carpet manufacturers in Europe set up a partnership to form a long-term technology exchange, master of the European carpet and pop the latest technology trends, to employ the authority of native European carpet industry as a technical adviser Fu Hsing; carpet at the sand line, carpet weaving process, the use of a number of world-class technology, such as: Germany al abuse Buyer efficient biological insecticide technology, the United States deal with 3M Antifouling noodle blanket … and so on.


Domestic market because of staff members of each family-loving, economic conditions, family decoration style varies, so the quality of the carpet, style, price needs vary, and this determines the diversity of families on the carpet needs a wealth of products to meet the required domestic market demand.


Fu Hing Group, focusing on domestic market development and production of various types of carpet tufting and carpet and Europe as well as many famous enterprises, carpet authorities set up a 10-year business partnership to integrate the latest global carpet resources, the introduction of the latest trends in European carpet products, so as to rich product mix to meet domestic market demand for the diversification of the carpet. Fu Hing Group currently owns: 0household use, full Shop blanket series; hotels, clubs, office buildings used by the project over Shop blanket; door mats, dust blanket series; industrial carpet exclusive; related carpet … and so on.


At present, China carpet engineering major markets for consumption, such consumption is mainly manifested the following characteristics: a single large transaction quantity, transaction frequency low, fierce competition and comparison, low-profit units and public relations costs. Exist because of these factors determines the current flow of the carpet or in the traditional distribution-based, the carpet manufacturers to rely on the local distribution has certain connections to sell their products, in such a manner that the flow of savings for carpet manufacturers operating costs, mainly as follows: to weaken the functions of the store sales, the main dealer network to rely on operating resources.


Household consumption carpet for the family, such a large number of consumer groups, the regional distribution of scattered, single turnover of small, flat, high-profit, high quality requirements of products, diversification of product demand, in the past, relatively influential in the local traditional distribution Business sales resources will not be applicable to such market.


From the other point of view, home carpet in our country is a new market, new and will have the same starting line at race start.


Fu Hing Group, in view of the status quo of China’s domestic carpet market, on its own R & D, production of various kinds of wool blend carpets, and the introduction of popular high-end carpet in Europe to form a relatively complete product line to meet the diverse needs of families; At the same time, aware of the rich Group take the quality of the road brand carpet industry in China are inevitable.


It is reported that the International’s largest carpet manufacturer into Chinese preparation is expected over the next few years, the Chinese carpet market competition will become more intense, when the Chinese carpet industry will face a re-shuffle, but will be more orderly. When the carpet market trend is clearly broken down, the carpet companies will pay more attention to differences in development and will be targeted to develop its own market strategy. At the same time more and more enterprises will be out of price war of misunderstanding and embark on quality, brand competition in the road.


Therefore, the rich carpet of China Group to conduct market segmentation, and follow the path difference, taking the lead in household carpet for market positioning, the implementation of brand management in order to store sales for the first terminal, the application of franchising business models standardize the market, with good the image to enter the market, establish brand effect.


Franchise management system to put the various union as a whole operating system of a uniform distribution, management, and each franchisee in accordance with a unified business model and standards to engage in business activities, the implementation system to maximize the use of internal resources.


Franchise owners will then what kind of magic protection Fu Hing Group brand strategy to achieve goal?


Franchising is recognized as the most successful 21st century business model, the person with the characteristics of the concession


Since the creation of a franchise for each of the branches are affected by many people to provide funding to share the financial risk of people license to make fuller use of the concession people other people’s money to develop their own businesses.


By Xu people put their own money, I hope, such as “charge” at the Franchise, the power so the pressure is adequate, but also a more active work hard, this situation is conducive to the development of the concession people.


Chartered people can reduce operating costs, enhance enterprise management to concentrate on levels, improve management efficiency. Chartered people just set up a close-knit organization, including some business-related and highly professional managers and support staff.


Chartered people to faster development of business without the usual financial constraints to a minimum level of reinvestment will be able to get high returns at stores; re-investment of resources to enable the growth of higher effectiveness and efficiency of operations, and eventually have to repurchase successful franchising outlets opportunities.


Since franchising is now in the world in most countries by the authorities or the Government’s clear support for the concession so people can get government support, to speed up the internationalization development strategy.


So that people can concentrate its resources on the concession in its own Good at the Office, which enhance the core competitiveness at the same time enhance the franchisor’s overall competitiveness.


For those who are Hui people, the franchise system and the formation of a whole people from the lower operating risk by Xu


By Xu people have already benefited from the operation set up in the minds of consumers with the name or reputation (brand impression), the basic knowledge or the lack of specialized knowledge, the concession people through training programs be overcome.


By Xu people affected by the incentive to own their own business and people benefit from the concession continued assistance. Xu people affected by the concession system are independent businessmen, which for many people through hard work has brought the return on their investments to maximize opportunities.


Chartered by Xu human person a wide range of services, can guarantee the people affected by Xu at the operation of the concession was with the same people’s success. These services include: application of the standards have been developed, select the location or regional trade; guidance by many people before starting the business to do a variety of job preparation; people affected by Hsu and his staff for business training, and provide a variety of operational details of the operations manual; training by Xu people to grasp the accounting, business controls, marketing, promotion and commercialization of the method; equipment purchase services; for many business people set up to provide financial support.


Many people benefited from the concession by the people in a nationwide advertising and sales promotion activities. Usually affected by many marketing people in the form of funds for these activities to contribute to. By Xu people to benefit from the negotiating capacity of the system and buy in large quantities at the price of benefits.


With the Fu Hing Group in 2005 the first “F & X carpet” carpet store shop FUYANG Pearl opened the market after three years of actual operation, Fu Hing Group to open six stores on its own and has formed a complete franchise management system, a sound product development, market operation and management mechanism, franchisee training mechanisms.


2008, Fu Hing Group to become members of the Institute of Chinese chain units, and the Ministry of Commerce through the national accreditation, becoming the first carpet industry of China’s franchising enterprises; it marks Fu Hing Group franchise business identity will be engaged in business activities and the lawful exercise of business activities.