Global economic slowdown, exports down

In the face of financial crisis under the global economic slowdown, exports decline in the adverse situation in our city foreign trade and economic cooperation, foreign trade enterprises calmly deal with the situation of crisis into opportunities, by adjusting the product mix, increase the technological content of products, the implementation of brand strategy, and actively open up new export And the domestic market, created a new world.

The current international financial crisis from spreading to the economy of virtual real economy, many enterprises in our city by the global economic slowdown brought about by the weakening external demand. In the face of our city’s foreign trade enterprises of the financial crisis brought about by difficulties in panic, calmly, and took the opportunity to continue to strengthen in-house training, upgrading technology, brand names, such as core competence, and actively open up new export markets and the domestic market, created a new Heaven and Earth.

Adjust the product mix to expand in emerging markets

While the global financial crisis, are crying, but Green to Shandong Engine Company Limited production plant, a petroleum drilling system for a new type of drilling mud is being used down the mass production line. This mud pump used in the green to the company’s unique patented technology, succeeded in breaking the monopoly of foreign technology has become popular on the international market. Products not come off the assembly line, had been foreign customers to order in advance.

Why the decline in exports in the current situation, Shandong’s exports to the Green not only has not been affected, but it improved steadily. Chairman Guo Wei told reporters, mainly thanks to them for a long time continue to strengthen their own R & D technology to speed up the adjustment of product structure and the optimization and upgrading.

From March 2000 to create the company began to Green on increasing investment in science and technology, and the expansion of colleges and universities, research institutions, the scope of cooperation, they Xi’an Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, and other institutions of higher learning based, and research institutions to absorb The latest technology, less than a decade on fast becoming a drill set, steam turbine, wind turbine manufacturing and product research and development into a technology-intensive high-tech enterprises, only this year received more than 10 technology patents. Recently, with the Xi’an Jiaotong University signed a long-term technology development cooperation agreement will further enhance the company’s steam turbine industry in the technological advantage.

International response to changes in market demand, Green’s initiative to export products structure adjustment and technical organizations in a timely manner to carry out technical research, so that companies can be green at home and abroad, the market has maintained a strong market share, the drilling rig, mud pump, steam turbine, Wind turbine product line users around the four major Chinese oil and electricity industries in the consolidation of the traditional North America, South America, and other exports on the basis of the advantages of the region, to open up Africa, the Commonwealth of Independent States, South Asia and the Middle East, and other overseas regions.

This year, in the face of unprecedented international economic situation, the city’s exports of mechanical and electrical industries to make full use of graft and high-tech transformation of traditional industries, to adjust product structure, product, upgrade the industrial structure, enhance the industrial development of quality, efficiency and competitiveness. Promote export-oriented industries from labor-intensive to capital-intensive step by step and upgrade technology-intensive, labor-intensive industries refined products within the various technology and value-added content. With emerging markets to expand exports to the Middle East, Russia, Latin America and other regions of the growth in exports to the developed countries to ease the export slowdown.