Global textile exports will shrink

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) 9 on 12 forecasts released 2008/09 annual report will be the world’s cotton consumption to adjust to 26,933,000 tons, a report in August to reduce the 180,000 tons; the other end of the stock will be transferred to 11,391,000 tons, up from Expected to increase 290,000 tons. Global cotton production is expected to 24,422,000 tons, representing a slight increase in August 2000 tons.

The report in September of the most significant feature of the increase in China, India, the United States and other major cotton producing and consuming countries of the cotton stock. Among them, China 2008/09 beginning stocks reached 4,191,000 tons, since the same period in 2000 is the highest value. This situation is caused because the report raised China’s cotton production in 2007/08 and at the same time to reduce the consumption. 2008/09 and Chinese demand is only expected to 11,539,000 tons, the output reached 7,729,000 tons, the demand and supply gap of 381 million tons in 2006 was the lowest since. It appears that shrinking demand for cotton is a major cause of rising inventories.

Is not only China, India and Pakistan as a great power of its cotton consumption demand has reduced to varying degrees, is the root cause of the global economic slowdown caused by developed countries for the decline in the demand for textiles and garments, while China, India, Pakistan and other countries to export textiles to shrink So that the upper reaches of the raw materials?? Cotton consumption will be reduced.

As China’s largest cotton importer, so that a drop in demand is expected to reduce imports. In the September report, imports from China last month to reduce 2,830,000 tons of 220,000 tons to 2,613,000 tons; the United States and India exports were 3,157,000 tons and 1,361,000 tons, 110,000 tons reduction in the former, the latter Those who remain unchanged.

Yield: China is expected to yield 7,729,000 tons, 4 months in a row has not been adjusted; India production was raised 110,000 tons from the previous month to 5,334,000 tons; the United States in August from 3,000,000 tons less than forecast to increase 3,015,000 tons. Pakistan once again back to the production of 2,000,000 tons below, to 1,960,000 tons, the reduction of 90,000 tons.

The report at the end of inventory adjustments as follows: Chinese stocks at the end of 3,631,000 tons is expected to increase 160,000 tons; followed by India, Brazil and the United States, were 173.4,121.7 and 1,067,000 tons.