Golden Harvest Futures: cotton on December 18 Comments

Cotton (11470,80.00,0.70%, it) (the fundamentals): Nov. Shanghai textile and garment export growth rate fell, an indication of demand remains in the doldrums; yesterday brought together a substantial market transactions Su Liang, a slight increase in orders; in the Cotton Association said , As the domestic cotton by the end of November business inventories for the total amount of 3,500,000 tons, an increase from the previous month 700,000 tons, although the country Shouchu but is still in business inventories year-on-year increase of 10%, the lower sales to poor cotton products decline overall situation ; In November to replace imported cotton, garland fell more than 21% year-on-year reduction of 25 percent, the lowest monthly record in four years; Shouchu support the cotton price fell sharply, but the processors that are currently difficult to pay storage, the successful rate is not high, Liu Pai occur from time to time , The policy benefit show at the same time demand is still sluggish market pressure. (Technical): by supporting a weaker U.S. dollar, NYBOT Cotton rose Wednesday. Zheng yesterday cotton to maintain a narrow range of shocks, the shrinking turnover, the period in the maintenance of price shocks in the vicinity of 11,400, an atmosphere of mutually wait-and-see market, the lack of clear direction and is expected to remain range of short-term trend of shock, the main suspense to wait and see. (The proposed operation): wait and see.