Greece only to digest the recent Egyptian cotton Stock

New York cotton prices fell after the Greek cotton new sales has been reduced. At present, only to Egypt to complete some new sales. 53.50-5.80 quality cotton prices in cents / pound, CIF Egypt port. Turkey has still not been spinning mill into the market, or only in urgent need of purchasing a small amount of cotton production. International cotton actively selling their holdings of some of the Greek cotton, rather than increasing the procurement quantity.

About the price, this week, the U.S. dollar / euro exchange rate improves, some cotton processors reduce the quotation, the quotation from 50-52 cents / lb FOT fell to 48-50 cents / lb FOT. The new year upcoming planting season season, while cotton acreage decreased around 20%, may be less than 200,000 hectares. Decreases greatly. Cotton farmers dissatisfied with the rate of return, therefore, they will lower the cost of production plant crops, such as wheat.