Guangshan County villus industrial base to build more than 100,000 people employed

Saying “as light as a feather.” But this is the Qing Piaopiao feathers, now in Guangshan County has made a record annual net profit more than 800,000,000 yuan, employing more than 100,000 people a big industry!

Guangshan County, there have been a famous across the country, “Kim Yuanyang” eider down factory, but due to the rigid structure, poor management and other reasons, in 1995, failed.

Down the factory, workers who have not yet been finalized and heart Gan. The former employees of the enterprise-wide Hu, Wan Hu brothers, see the growing decline of the state-owned factory, it took in 1992, resigned to the sea, the other determined to break through a piece of heaven and earth. They feel that the market is no shortage of down clothing, just the Zhicijiagao products so that consumers are afraid of the pit. As a result, their use of charge at the scene of the way down – do a good job in housing apparel, consumers select their own level of the Italian down, filling the spot to make it understand that the price of a dress at ease.

Zhao Qi Xiao see the fruit. Hu brothers in the city of Kaifeng on the first year of business earned 10 million yuan, the highest revenue-generating more than 40 million years. Since then, the families live down filling snowball growing, the industry is currently operating throughout the county have more than 10,000 operating footprint across 29 provinces, municipalities and domestic; processing of the villi also export overseas.

Filling down more than 000, brought breeding ducks and geese, garment processing, hair processing, operating clothing accessories, vehicle transportation, postal consignments, technical training, and other related industries, forming a huge “down the chain of industries.” Only a breeding ducks and geese, the county only a year earlier only to slaughter more than 100; and the first 3 quarters of this year reached 8,500,000, the province has become the largest breeding base of ducks and geese.

County party committee and government see the effect of enriching the industry, enlarge and strengthen its support in a timely manner. Planning in the county built a 1 km-long plume of material materials, fabric accessories operating street; hair processing zone established to encourage factory owners to join in; relevant departments to take the lead in the formation of the “Chamber of Commerce Guangshan down,” practitioners who It is law, norms, good faith operation. At the same time broaden the field guide: the traditional type of warm clothing to fashion into a modern leisure; down to a single change of cashmere, velvet and more chemical fiber industry in both; production from both sales, for domestic and foreign manufacturers, who works to provide material support, , And other accessories.

At present, the county north of the Yangtze River has become the largest base of the hair industry. County Board of the non-public economic development official said: “We next goal is to create their own brand names to the concept of scientific development to guide the ‘first’ forward.”