Guangzhou Yang textile fibers: Enterprise quality of life for Wang

Dec. 18-19, by the China Textile Industry Association test center to host the “2008 National Institute of Standards and the quality of the textile workshop,” drew to an end at Jiaxing in Zhejiang, the China Textile Industry Association vice president of Sun Ruizhe, Chinese textile confidence, deputy director of the Center for V-Canton Wei, and other leadership of the association attended the meeting in Guangzhou Yang Textile Co., Ltd. fiber in the seminar, was awarded the “2008 quality management model unit,” the honorary title.

Guangzhou, Jan fiber textile Co., Ltd. was founded in the 1990s as a specialized service in the domestic high-end apparel brand platform and window business, “Young of defibrase” has been a professional printing of knitted and after the treatment process much favored by the industry. Jan fiber always promoted the idea that “Quality is the lifeline of business, good or bad quality of deciding the rise and fall” approach to marketing has always followed a policy of “product in question in no way a warehouse,” the concept of quality for customers to provide quality products and services is Jan fiber Consistently adhered to the purpose of the operation. Yang has been created from the fiber in the constant upgrade their product quality, continue to improve product quality management system, with independent intellectual property rights to create high-quality brand, it’s well-known in the industry rising to a new level.

The end of this year, the economic situation in the doldrums, Jan fiber pay more attention to product quality construction, expansion of investment in the company of “product testing center”, set up a special quality management and supervision institutions, to implement a full-time staff, to strengthen and improve the product inspection Function. At the same time, quality inspection in order to allow transparency, openness, so that customers understand our products and testing processes to ease the use of fiber-yang brand products, as long as the customer’s office through the remote monitoring will be able to watch the entire process of inspection, a real honor, “Young of defibrase Product quality problems by no means out of position “.

Jan Jincang fiber products, the stores must go through when the strict quality checks for customers to buy the products we will be sent to the textile industry accepted quality control testing agency found, and will be issued by the authority of the legitimate institutions detection and effective Product quality inspection report made available to customers with the goods, Yang defibrillators products to achieve “zero returns, Lingtou Su.”

Jan fibers, is to create a highly competitive market “win-win” cooperation in a new situation and work hard!