Hebei Wuqiao: Spot cotton seed cotton prices

Recently, Wuqiao County, Hebei Province, the market performance of active buying and selling of cotton, textile enterprises Procurement positive, cotton business, said at a profit under the premise of never hoard cotton, simultaneously active acquisition to accelerate cash flow.


February 27, local 3 lint sales price of 11,600 yuan / ton (delivery, gross weight, with ticket), four for 11,100 yuan / ton, higher than 26 rose 100 yuan / ton. The majority of textile enterprises are cash delivery, some of the use of Acceptance, individual businesses should not be paid in cash accounts will not be more than 20 days period.


By Driven lint prices, cotton prices rose, the day 3 seed cotton purchase price 2.60 yuan / kg (lint percentage rate of 39%, water, miscellaneous 10%), 4 2.49 yuan / kg, up 0.03 yuan / jin, cottonseed price of 0.76 yuan jin, this converted three lint at the cost of 11,394 yuan / ton about business sales are still 200 yuan / ton of profit, therefore, cotton enterprises to buy up big once again intends to improve price.