high-grade vulnerability product hand tufted rugs of six principles. Use maintenance

the weather becomes cooler, many family will consider at home on the shop thick large hand tufted rugs, let whole home become dim yangyang. And reporters from each big department stores and home sells all acknowledge that nearly time the sellers become household goods hand tufted rugs of commodity, many people are willing to choose a wide variety of hand tufted rugs is in qiu dong season is dressed up household. To this, household experts remind broad citizen, and floor tile, floors, ground material, hand tufted rugs belongs to high-grade compared vulnerability product, in use process requires care and maintenance, can often new test. And in the specific use process, the best way to use according to the following maintain: 1. To avoid light — should try to avoid strong sunshine point-blank, lest hand tufted rugs ageing fades. 2. Anti-fouling – use process of smeary, acidity material, coloured liquid etc., if produce pollution, should clean with high grade hand tufted rugs instantly cream erasure. 3. Go dirt — inside the facing fiber of hand tufted rugs, easy accumulative dirt, often should use cleaner along cleanness of suitable wool direction, shall not use the tool with dentate or coarse brim, lest damage hand tufted rugs facing. 4. Pour wool – such as preventing pour wool hand tufted rugs appears, soak hot water to wipe with clean towel, comb with the comb suitable straight, with electric iron mat wet cloth, suitable wool ironing restorable. 5. Midpoint pressure — in use, in the furniture leg ministry contact hand tufted rugs place, should place mat layer or often removed furniture. Serious to wearing away place, except adopt outside trying to protect with covering, still can exchange the position is used. 6. The room that has rug should notice ventilated, moistureproof, lest hand tufted rugs produces bug eat by moth, mildew to change, if discover bug eat by moth, corrosion phenomena, should ask professional repair.