Home decoration can not be “once and for all”

Experts believe that home decoration, home decoration can not be “once and for all.” As a result, you want to look warm and comfortable home, the increase of soft decoration is a good choice.

“Soft decoration” and “decorative hardware” is the mutual penetration. Instituted a “soft decoration,” more people think of curtains, carpets, wall hanging, cushion, crafts table, potted plant, decorative handicrafts and fitted inside the bedroom, bed sheets, blankets, towel used to cover pillow, bed, and so on, after the renovation, according to the results of their choice Financial applications and in one of the decorative interior products, the use of these easy to replace, easy to change the location of accessories, for indoor furnishings and layout. Today, a classical interpretation of soft decoration, rural, modern style 3 for soft decorative elements were added to the epidemic.

3 kinds of soft decoration style


Europe and the United States is the classic type, the main Rome-Spain-Italy-3. Taiwan furnishings such as candles, leather frame bronze table lamp, chandelier natural stone, carved bed of formwork, and simple shapes made of copper lamps, not only a steady neutral, if dark or silver to add logs to create a noble style . The cloth was decorated abandoned most of the details too cumbersome and accessories, added a simple and quiet temperament. If the flash has a color shiny satin curtains, no fancy design and complex dressed, elegant Check only to be decorative, the performance of the original fabric texture.


Natural, simple and emotional style is the embodiment of the village. For example, a number of small ceramic jewelry is essential for the village-style things, like hanging up the plate, sewing frame, flowers, handicrafts, there are some unique cans are a relatively color design. Vintage’s long and created a fantastic atmosphere, romantic and sentimental.


That is simple and crisp. Indoor focus on rational use of space science, with emphasis on layout features go, most of the material on the use of convenience, a certain geometric shapes, easy cleaning, maintenance, the atmosphere at home, comfortable, warm and sometimes may be some exaggeration in the local, deformation and so on Practices resulting in visual impact and reflects the personality.

How to create a warm soft decoration

The soft decoration, a variety of items, materials between the color, shape and with a certain echo. Therefore have to be a matter of principle, in the design of soft decoration, to make sure that the overall home style, then choose a unified style jewelry, jewelry can play a good eye point.

Designer of the view that in order to create a warm and soft decorative bedroom from the following aspects:


Reform of the room is the best tool for cloth, texture, colors and patterns, such as the combination of warm, no matter how you can put the whole season has become like a gentle rural home. Red and yellow with more warmth; soft pink line not only sweet but also the emotional stability before going to bed, well into the dream; a symbol of the African continent brown, and bring out the original rustic feel, leopard pattern of the case and Fabric, is relying on the warm feeling of the fire.

With good clothing, the body can not be more than 4 kinds of colors. Although the room did not clear, but the whole room is to pay attention to the main colors, bedding and curtains should generally under its purview.

Toilet on the ground so cool colors, warm towels and thick flannel quality mattress sets, not only can greatly improve the touch, but also can add unlimited warmth. The toothbrush, Shu Koubei, towels and the like small objects may also wish to select a number of pink, yellow, and other color-ming contrast to the warm bathroom.


Wind from the fur fashion from the beginning of last year, driven by domestic sector, popular index goes without saying. If you are careful and considerate, a housewife, Yang Maopi this year is a wise choice, either visual or tactile, and will give a warm natural sensory stimulation.

Semi-detached or large Yang Maopi the best on a large area of the furniture, especially sofas, leisure than usual this window of the region. Yang Maopi warm and comfortable sitting in the mat, Xie Xie from the sun out the window as in, what could be more people happy and look forward to it?

If you feel pretty comfortable enough chair, with the leaflets Yangmao Pi, gently down the back-up, your chair to show an instant sense of luxury, to make your home layout on the twinkling of an eye to the next level.

So that small objects become warm home


Kok wall decoration or decorate the shelves of some dried fruit or the color of the mature technology of jewelry, there will be some unexpected results. The flower arrangement used in the device is not necessarily transparent to the contrary, some ceramic containers to do the flower will make people feel comfortable, the best color is bright red, blue, green or gold, or those with color, People will feel very Ming-li.


At present, the market can buy many types of candles, either color or shape, there are a lot of choice. And some candles burning in the process emitting a delicate fragrance smell, or strong or light.


Lamp light source can be used for the Department of warm, it can quickly change the style of the room.