Home industry crisis “battle” to resolve

In the first half, prices of raw materials, labor costs rise, the stock market cold, the property market downturn in the second half, the U.S. financial crisis, changes in exchange rates, domestic macro-control, and so on the transfer of industry from happening, give people the impression that not all walks of life this year, Xiao Ting However, international and domestic economic environment undergoing profound changes. Whether home-based enterprises in the international process of development, or to open up the domestic market, are faced with more difficulties.

A home in the industry for many years the industry veteran said: “The end of the year, there should be a number of enterprises to die.” Would be true? This grim situation? Home to what the industry what kind of difficulties? There can be no stratagem to gain a rescue?

Recently, the “winter”, “shuffle”, “industry consolidation” and other words have been an impact on people’s eye. What home industry in the battle of what?

Home industry crisis “battle”: the domestic competitive

In 2008, home shopping further competition, the market narrow space, even in the industry have been referred to as the peak season in October, home sales also deserted. Although the number of home sales in stores this year, fell into two or three, but the store’s rent will not decline because of lower sales for Home and manufacturers, distributors, a significant decline in sales this year. But a lot of big brand stores such as红星美凯龙(see map), but still the House (see map) is conducting a nationwide expansion, and so on. The brand is not high degree of stores, it is hard to have the strength to the expansion. He goes on like this, the brand will focus more and more stores to the branded products, resulting in no small brands or store brands and businesses can only hope and they can not afford, and can not have.

Due to the growth in demand is less than the home market expansion at home this year, industry competition increased fighting between small and large businesses can use it to describe the bitter end. There are many companies already on the verge of collapse, is also some reluctance to support, and took strong corporate profit margins are also greatly reduced. The market situation can be “far from adequate” to describe, we can see the integration of domestic industry is being compressed the number of stores, new formats, including foreign-funded enterprises increased by more beach competition.

This year’s real estate boom is not a very serious impact on domestic industry, together with the globalization of the economic crisis, more difficult, in such a tough market, competition is still fierce anomaly, the public enterprises are in the fight.

Home industry crisis “battle” two: foreign markets in the doldrums

With the global financial crisis spread, more and more the real economy have been seriously affected. Among the many new customers for businesses, new orders to reduce the worry, a single-back “undercurrent” in a surging, with the full-blown financial crisis, many companies will face an increasing number of overseas one-back test of the crisis.

Is the economic crisis, China introduced the export tax rebate rate policies, export enterprises, which is good news, but only temporarily solve the problem of the survival of enterprises, in the long run, business development and expansion of the product, they must depend on their own The value-added. When will the financial crisis in the past, when foreign markets to the revitalization of this is unknown, export-oriented enterprises, whether in such a difficult road to go, it depends on the dual role of market and business results.

Home of heavy industry in the first to show a furniture industry, and the furniture industry and 40 percent are for export, half of which exports to the United States. U.S. economic downturn, the United States began to cut orders for importers, exporters and the Chinese do not want to worry about exchange rate risks long-term orders, many U.S. businessmen cheaper to order the transfer of foreign businessmen. Despite the many furniture companies want to avoid Europe and the United States to actively open up the Middle East and Africa, and other emerging countries, and even go home, but the volume is disappointing that some companies dropped sharply from a year into a 5. At the same time, raw materials, labor costs since the year were up 20% and 10% of the enterprises in addition to the face of tight domestic credit policy, so the survival of the market by foreign enterprises, facing the market in the doldrums, is in hot water depth, I do not know the Measures.

In the new economic context of domestic Chinese enterprises will go from here? In the end who can win in the World War II cards, who can not smoke in this war the last laugh, it is necessary to see whether or not ready for the winter coat, it is necessary to see whether or not to do a good job To break the “battle” of “tactical.”

Cracking battle “tactics”: Cheng exports to domestic sales

Nov. 1 implementation of the new export tax rebate rate, the new policy announced by some of the furniture, textile products export tax refund rate has increased in favor of furniture export industry, according to the conventional, such a policy for furniture export enterprises Is in favor of hands, but not the same situation this year, now is the peak time of financial crisis abroad. Experts warned that as a result of Europe and the United States by sub-loan crisis and has degenerated into a financial crisis, the worst disaster in the region, overseas orders, “default” Bukebufang. To deal with this unfavorable situation, the same number of export enterprises have opted for the “exports to domestic sales,” with a view to the adoption of open or expand the domestic market saved the day.

At present, the enterprise transformation strategy appears to be more important than ever, as companies face pressure at home than ever before, not only in transition more and more to lose market share, increasing production to close to the situation. From exports to domestic sales, a much-needed change in the concept, that is, by so doing to brand products. Before doing the majority of China’s export enterprises in home management, awareness of market competition or stop in the pursuit of “short, flat, fast” to consumers as “customers” rather than “customers”, users and customers Yizizhici , Has an entirely different connotation. The former show their home or business as a processing plant. If they stay at home business for selling products and building products this level, it always just a factory, rather than a highly value-added brands. Brand needs to be considered is how to let consumers buy for them so that they satisfied with the products. But as far as possible the process of buying, receiving services, are simple, happy and human experience.

In fact, “domestic transfer” can only be regarded as a corporate restructuring can not be used as life-saving straw. “Exports to domestic sales,” not all of a sudden you can in turn, requires a course of time, although the domestic market, but now is extremely competitive, not every business can pull through. The Law Society only took the furniture industry, for example, in the country, according to data released by the Association, the domestic market has been maintained for many years more than 15% growth in sales broke through the 400,000,000,000 yuan. This very huge cake continued to attract a large number of furniture companies into the market, with the result that competition in the domestic market across the urban and rural areas across the market, can be said that the furniture market, competition is everywhere now, not when they do not, coupled with rising rents of shops, and artificial The rising cost of materials. Would allow competition in the market are the sea is not to the point of business was hard-pressed. That is why, “exports to domestic sales,” the “tactics” as a solution to enterprises in the winter time, “hunger” to a longer-term development, but also on the strength of corporate and business strategy.

Cracking battle “tactical” Second: to enhance the strength preparing for siege

“I am very happy because I saw a great opportunity.” Dynasty furniture Hong Kong Group President Ma Minghui said. Each of the financial crisis, as long as corporate decision-makers should speed the development of enterprises, business marketing is seen to see through the market, caution that the business did fine, then there will be a big space to turn for the better. Emperor Ping Yang Bo home, said a manager, not to do business, who in fact do. The more difficult environment, the more it can reflect the strength of the brand, the more we can bring the brand vision. From the concept of “the more the crisis, the more opportunities there are, as long as you are fully prepared enough.”

Each sector will have a crisis, every enterprise will be blocked, every time there are off-season, but also the winner of each period. The new policy will be furniture products, the export tax rebate rate to 11% or 13%, is only an expedient measure. The appalling conditions in domestic and foreign markets, show that China’s furniture export profits have been times in the past. In order to do so, do OEM-oriented thinking clearly out of date, unable to control the pulse of the times. By low-cost way to win is a dead end, some for a rainy day, a brand of innovative thinking, the market may be in the doldrums is not a bad thing, on the contrary it may be time itself, a good opportunity to grow in size and strength.

National policy adjustments will be business breathing space to avoid large-scale collective closures took place. In the long run, the overall competitiveness has not changed. Foreign and economic crisis will occur from time to time when enterprises must enhance its own strength to cope with market changes in the situation. From a macro sense, the reincarnation of the economic cycle is inevitable, the trend of economic globalization is irreversible, and the health of China’s economic development is firm and unshakable. As the tide of the market in a small business, but from within, keep a clear and rational, clear understanding of the situation, the positive initiatives and enhance the ability to cope with such a truly viable enterprise.