Hometextile children gap largest consumer market more “picky”

Children Hometextile market gap still exists

With the recent general improvement in people’s living standards, children also gradually expand the consumer goods market. Hometextile children of this market, textile enterprises have begun to receive attention. But in 2008, children’s textile markets are similarly affected by the financial turmoil. I recently Hometextile brand to Beijing a few relatively concentrated market visits, with the surging poll compared to the past, and now more cautious consumers. “We do Hometextile children rarely, if you need to, we can build.” This is a visit, one adult store owner Hometextile for the author of “Is there any children Hometextile” answer. Clearly, the children’s market Hometextile gap still exists.

Big gap in the market

Miss Yu Di Hong Kong dream Hometextile Beijing Lufthansa Center for distribution. Miss is located in Beijing Bairong Shanghaimart shops can be seen, a large number of textile products for adults, children Hometextile only as a foil. Four set to see the author of several children Hometextile products, divided into orange-red, yellow, pink three above patterns are relatively simple, label marked as cotton. “Hometextile children, we are purchasing less, and the color, variety is also relatively small.” Miss Yu said that compared with the adult home textiles, children’s purchase volume Hometextile a lot less, but manufacturers do not focus on children Hometextile products.

Mr. Yang Deputy Hometextile many brands, from high-end products to the low-end range. However, although children Hometextile selling, but “less than to say the least, or three non-products”, the reporters saw the sale of children, Mr. Yang textile products is only a color, pattern comparison of rough, but, “We rarely sell children specifically to buy Hometextile children is not a lot of customers. ”

SHANSHAN Hometextile agent of Beijing Snow King (a pseudonym) Hometextile agent has been done for many years, “has always been done Hometextile adults, children Hometextile not involved.” Xue Jing said that currently do not own the store Hometextile children later will be considered in accordance with market conditions as part of “The main thing is consumers are generally more cautious now, the market situation as before. Hometextile children of this, many enterprises are reluctant to do so. this can be attributed to children in textile color fastness, formaldehyde content, environmental protection and other aspects of certification requirements was very strict, virtually an increase of children in textile production costs and improve children’s home textiles market access threshold for supplies. ”

Consumers more “picky”

Visited the vast majority of other agencies also do not have children Hometextile. Are children really do not have Hometextile market?

To this end, I visited some consumers. Miss Zhang, a company white-collar workers, married for more than a year has no children. “With children, I will definitely buy the children belonged to him (her) own household goods.” However, Miss Zhang also stressed that the time to buy will be very careful, for example, the environmental aspects of product standards, whether there is a wealth of colors, patterns and so on and so on, “I think these children’s health and intellectual development is essential.” Miss Zhang said that the purchase would go to specific stores, but also want to have professional guidance.

The ad designer from Shanghai Li duo, consider a more detailed, “I will give the children to buy, but the blanket material, inside what is mainly filler material, whether there are lovely designs, patterns, which are to careful consideration. “duo Li said that the quality and safety of course, is the most important, but the size must also be a consideration.

I also indicated that they would buy Hometextile supplies for their children, and she and the two factors to be considered the same.

In an interview with this reporter had been married more than a President, 60% will be for the children to buy Hometextile children, but most are product safety, quality and color design advantages and disadvantages. Clearly, the children will continue to Hometextile market expansion possible, and how the safety, quality, color, pattern and so on to seize the hearts of mothers, you need to enterprises, businessmen careful consideration. At present, the relatively well-run adult Hometextile stores, specialized stores Hometextile small children.

In 2008, the United States Cotton Company completed the latest survey Hometextile supplies. By Praxi Group (Kittredge, CO) in the U.S. 25-year-old to 70-year-old women between the online survey of a sample of 800 people, they represent different regions, income groups and educational backgrounds, family Hometextile supplies the main buyers. In this 800 women, Ms. 403 family child under 18 years of age. In the women surveyed, 42 percent of children recently purchased Hometextile supplies, more than 29 percent of 2006 have increased significantly.

Relatively speaking, the Chinese Children’s textile market also need to vigorously develop. Rising consumer demand, also called enterprise business in product development, marketing and many other aspects of a more complete, children Hometextile still optimistic about market prospects.