How to choose cashmere sweater

Gross examination of a person telling a press conference in Shanghai, cashmere warm good, yields are rare, authentic cashmere can be called “soft gold”. Usually prices for cashmere sweater to grams of number theory with cashmere prices, coupled with production cashmere sweaters needed multi-channel technology, it is generally down content 95% cashmere sweater price about $ thousands, impossible is true cashmere sweater of the price of two hundred or three hundred dollars. But the general public is difficult to identify, to discern whether cashmere sweaters for cashmere, than on the scale arrangement and structure of the fibers under a microscope, so, for consumers, the most convenient way is to recognize the brand. In addition, check certificate of product trademarks, tag, and so on are complete, carefully check its cashmere content written on the tag. Good quality cashmere sweaters in gloss soft lights, the surface there is a thin layer of fine cashmere. Handle, cashmere elasticity, feel rich and soft, hand-holding was let go, to natural restitution of cashmere, sense of contact with human skin is not itchy.