How to clean aubusson rugs stains?

Cleaning procedures there are 4 main phases: 1. daily roll brush cleaning, sucked dust on the surface of the aubusson rugs as soon as possible, so as to avoid deposition of dust on wool fiber. Scroll brushes not only combs the rug, and brush up the dust and more dust adhesion so that sucked, so is better than the dust cleaning effect. 2. instant removal of stains, new spots are most vulnerable to remove, must be cleared in a timely manner. If stains dry or deep into aubusson rugs, can cause long-term damage to the aubusson rugs. 3. interim cleaning on a regular basis, frequent walking aubusson rugs, will require beating box, with regular interim cleaning dry foam cleaning method to remove sticky dust, keep the aubusson rugs clean as new. 4. deep cleansing, deep in the dust once the aubusson rugs fiber deposition, to deep clean aubusson rugs extraction method must be used to make bright clean aubusson rugs restoration of the old. On water-sensitive aubusson rugs, dry foam cleaning instead of aubusson rugs extraction method for available clean. These 4 kinds of daily protection aubusson rugs cleaning methods and effective method to extend its service life. These types of methods, pure wool, chemical fiber rug has a good effect.