How to clean hand-tufted glue back aubusson rugs?

Manual cluster cashmere rubber back aubusson rugs for natural fiber or chemical fiber made, in using Shi do not contact combustion property; aubusson rugs using early blanket surface will produced small floating hair, using must time Hou will gradually reduced, usually should note cleanup aubusson rugs Shang of floating hair; should avoid local weights long-term static pressure, so as not to caused pour cashmere, effect blanket surface of beautiful; should avoid ground wet, case damage aubusson rugs of back cloth and end substrates; aubusson rugs due to long-term using and contamination dust Shi, should regularly with vacuum cleaner cleanup; aubusson rugs if local pollution, available aubusson rugs dry cleaning agent or general dry cleaning agent wipe, and with wet cloth wipe NET, and in cool Department dry. Should not be partial washing, avoid scrubbed with organic solvents such as gasoline to avoid fading and damage the aubusson rugs fluff, if aubusson rugs is severely polluted or when old, overall rehabilitation for washing.