How to clean the aubusson rugs in the room?

Children, pets, dogs, to the party guests do not pay attention to after aubusson rugs dirty, should carry out the removal of stains of spill, fast cleaning on aubusson rugs, when dirt Shan falls or spillage into the aubusson rugs surface, should specific cleaning, which saves time and reduces damage to the aubusson rugs. Dang aubusson rugs dip pollution occurs Hou: with tissue or moisture absorption cloth removal too much of pollution property liquid, with shovels or spoon of end eradication hard mass pollution property in accordance with the following clean guide figure on pollution property for clean will stains clean agent pour to clean of towel or cloth Shang, cannot directly will its and pollution property contact, using volume to less, from stains of outer edge to Center direction clean, to prevent stains area expanded, cannot brush, otherwise will makes stains area expanded, cashmere head switch occurs changes, also cannot makes aubusson rugs cashmere head too wet. Then, use a clean towel to remove excessive moisture as possible, to ensure that the aubusson rugs is clean as dry as possible. Approach: 1. cold water 2. solvent-detergent or washing the aubusson rugs 3. ammonia solution 4. solvents 5. use spray coolant or fitted with a plastic bag of ice to freeze and the eradication of the chewing gum. 6. acetate solution 7, and warm water 8, and nails oil removal agent (can using of as ketone) 9, and alcohol or methanol, 10, and Rust removal agent 11, and absorption sexual powder is not (for example: salt, and talcum powder or dedicated absorption sexual powder) 12, and vacuum cleaner stains clean agent clean agent solution: will a teaspoon tableware detergent or washing powder (does not containing bleach or strong alkaline material) and a cup hot water mixed, such solution must with water purification thoroughly cleaning ammonia solution: will a teaspoon clean of ammonia (3% liquid) and half cup water mixed, the solution used to in the and acetate solution. Acetic acid solution: one-third Cup two-thirds Cup of white vinegar and water mixed solvents: dry cleaning solvent (can be purchased at the grocery store, drug store or hardware store). For example carbona,Energine, or K2R (can from 1.1.1Tricloroethnane in the understanding chemical performance). absorption dust maintenance and maintenance natural of easy maintenance and maintenance sexual by New Zealand wool cooperation partners production of wool aubusson rugs or block blanket to protection you of investment, in accordance with the recommendations of maintenance and maintenance plan for aubusson rugs maintenance is is important of, its can makes aubusson rugs has best of appearance and using performance, on aubusson rugs for has law of clean, and not, aubusson rugs dirty has yihou then clean, actually can extended aubusson rugs of using life, dang aubusson rugs of using life increased has zhihou, natural also on makes investment are has more of return. Whether for commercial or home use aubusson rugs, for proper aubusson rugs maintenance to improve the appearance of aubusson rugs and indoor air conditions. In good maintenance of the status of New Zealand wool board partners and commercial aubusson rugs can absorb dust, of suspended impurities, smoke in the air and noise pollution. To clean our air, so maintenance and maintenance of aubusson rugs is very significant. Maintenance and wool aubusson rugs maintenance is very easy, in fact, it’s simple, much easier than people think, you can see, wool fibers of the unique and complex structures, compared to synthetic fibers can have up to 25% the release of dust pollution. Not only that, but in Cashmere Wool fiber outer scale layer structure in the head has a higher reservoir capacity, and then by vacuum cleaner quickly and easily to dust suction in the wool aubusson rugs.