How to clean the aubusson rugs?

There are stains on the aubusson rugs to promptly clear … Edible grease stains: with gasoline or carbon tetrachloride and so on volatile the solvent wipe, residual parts cleaning with alcohol and.. Soy sauce stains: If you are a new dirty, with cold water to brush first, then uses the detergent to wash can; Chan joined the detergent and ammonia water cleaning stains available warm water, then water drifting NET … Shoes grease stains: with gasoline, turpentine or alcohol wipe, then wash with SOAP … Urine soaks: new stain free warm water or ammonia water fluid washes in addition 10%. These stains use detergent to wash, and ammonia washing, pure wool aubusson rugs with citric acid washing … Fruit juice soaks: using 5% ammonia water fluid clean first, and then uses the detergent again. But the effects of ammonia on the pure wool rug fibers have injury and should minimize the use, generally available or soaps cleaning with citric acid, alcohol can also be used.. Ice cream soaks: gasoline to clean … Wine stains: new stain water used clean then. Chen soaks needs water used clean then..