How to clean the mouse pads

Plastic pads: immersed in a pot of water to cushion the desirability for a while, and then apply a small amount of detergent, gently scrub with old toothbrushes, not force, toothbrush brushing must be soft or easily damaged mouse pad. After repeated several times after cleaning the plastic cushion will be an entirely new look. Cloth pad: mats and metal pad cleaning method, note, however, is some of the more dirty stains on fabric pad, effect as long as you don’t move, don’t try to wash it all off, as this is likely to destroy the surface texture of cloth pad. Metal pad: chemical fiber material with a clean little square two blocks (if the hood with pure cotton or blended materials, there will be a debris left on the metal pad), cleaning with on a face cloth dipped in water first, attention should not be too wet. Gently wipe the surface of metal pad along the same direction, after the cleaning is completed and then another on a clean square metal pad residual water stains wipe is finished.