How to clean the rug at the door?

Rug is the family decoration, the beautified space environment decoration material. Rug color diverse, soft texture, walks comfortably, are widely used. Carpet when using require vacuum cleaner once a day, so you can keep the aubusson rugs clean. What about how to clean aubusson rugs? 1. daily by using brushes. Scroll brushes not only combs the rug, and brush up the dust and adhesion of dust. So the cleaning effect is better than the dust. 2. promptly removes the dirt. New removing stains are most vulnerable, must be cleared in a timely manner. If stains dry or deep into aubusson rugs, can cause long-term damage to the aubusson rugs. 3. interim cleaning on a regular basis. Pedestrian’s frequent rug, will require beating machine, with regular interim cleaning dry foam cleaning method to remove sticky dust. 4. deep cleaning. Once the dust under a aubusson rugs fiber deep sediment, you have to send clean shop clean.