How to judge quality of aubusson rugs

Merits available some simple methods of judging the quality of the aubusson rugs. First look at aubusson rugs high pile density, touch the aubusson rugs, cashmere high quality of its products, aubusson rugs surface density of plump, such a aubusson rugs good elasticity, resistance to treading, resistant to wear and comfortable and durable.

Plush aubusson rugs just look good, high pile density poor, easy lodging deformation, treading a long time it is easy to lose “hair”. Second, see aubusson rugs dyeing fastness. When choosing aubusson rugs, try hand or cloth in repeated friction on a aubusson rugs surface several times, or try their hand on a cloth is sticky color, such as color, then the product of poor color fastness, cause the aubusson rugs was laid using susceptible to discoloration and fade in , and the impact of aubusson rugs was laid using the cosmetic results in. Third, the degree of adhesion. Tufted aubusson rugs LaTeX adhesive on the back end of a layer of the grid, as stipulated in the standard backing ¡Ý 25N peeling strength indexes of force. When the consumers in the selection of the type of aubusson rugs, your fingers gently tear a tear the cloth at the end, look at the degree of adhesion, adhesion is not high, cloth and blankets by the end of easy separation. Finally, view appearance quality. Carpet surface is flat, aubusson rugs edges of the aubusson rugs if it is flat, with or without defects, color, oil spots, especially when purchasing tufted aubusson rugs to inspect the aubusson rugs back for off-lining, bleed through and other phenomena, avoid aubusson rugs in laying occurs in the drum , inequality, and lose comfort, attractive effect.