How to judge the merits of aubusson rugs

Quality fiber textile and aubusson rugs is fine, hair quality and uniformly thick and elastic, feel soft, bright color, shape an exaggerated wealth to the personality, easy way to judge the advantages and disadvantages a aubusson rugs is, according to its wool fineness and density to determine. Carpet surface of the hair more dense, elasticity of the aubusson rugs, the better, stronger anti-pollution. Check the back of the aubusson rugs if transit line very neatly in close formation, the quality of this aubusson rugs must be good. Conversely, some thick aubusson rugs, you might keep off wool hair removal, bring you endless troubles. Low-grade polypropylene fiber wool aubusson rugs (BCF), because no twisting of monofilament fiber and surface heat setting treatment, is very easily ash, and easy to clean. Cheap aubusson rugs and early sales are mostly this type of single wire products, injury to the consumer, that looking blanket. Common (supply) decorative blocks blanket reference dimensions (cm): ¡ï hand-woven woolen aubusson rugs, silk rugs to foot and road number [per square foot (30.48X30.48cm) the warp or the weft of the number of] to measure its size and density. ¡ï Woven aubusson rugs is expressed in centimeters and PIN numbers to. Bed blanket, stool aubusson rugs: 60*9070*12080*150 study and the aisle aubusson rugs: 70*230120*170140*190 living room rug: 160*230200*290240*330 Conference room, the Hall aubusson rugs: 280*390 of the metric and Imperial conversion: 1M=3.2808ft1m2=10.7636ft21ft=30.48cm1ft2=0.0929m2