How to maintain aubusson rugs?

Carpet after long will involve the maintenance issues, maintenance of aubusson rugs can be divided into temporary maintenance and preventive maintenance. As aubusson rugs wear is more solid and hard edges and corners of friction, caused by contact, so should be in the entrance to the indoor laying erasure single pads of the feet or other wear-resistant materials floor mats. In addition, should periodically use vacuum equipment dirt off, net absorption of pile head, keep the aubusson rugs clean state. After the temporary maintenance refers to the dirt into the aubusson rugs, you must purge files immediately with a vacuum cleaner, because dirt on aubusson rugs in a aubusson rugs of life greatly, here are three common methods for decontamination: beer and ink stains. With 30 ml of aubusson rugs cleaning agent and a spoonful of white vinegar into the 120 ml water, mix the solution in a clean wipe on, erasing a stain dry with a paper towel, dry vacuum after cleanup. Vomit stains. With 7 ml of borax, add 30 ml of water in the mix to clean. Borax and vomit all the acid, last used paper towels absorb excess liquid, dry vacuum after cleanup. Cooking oils and grease stains such as shoe Polish. Carpet cleaning agent and a spoonful of white vinegar mixed with 30 ml 120 ml of water, absorbing excess liquid with a paper towel, dry dry cleaning agents down on the cloth and then wipe the dirt, then wipe dry with a paper towel, and vacuum cleaning. Sprinkle salt or sugar, if accidentally on the aubusson rugs, be sure to vacuum net immediately, or will affect the color of the aubusson rugs, and will absorb water vapor in the air, increase stain on the aubusson rugs.