How to prevent the aubusson rugs tile joints after apparent

After the aubusson rugs laid, if the seams are obvious, will affect the appearance of the room as a whole, contributing to the cause of the problem is mainly: (1) when cutting the aubusson rugs, size deviation or not straight, thin seam seams occur. (2) when hot aubusson rugs, later joint ironing. (3) surface roughness, plate when laying aubusson rugs, appear thin seam. To prevent this quality issue, when the construction must be: (1) should be based on the room size cutting, size not too small or too large. (2) when two pieces of aubusson rugs mosaic, rulers controlled cutting straight, or lap cutting up and down, to ensure that the seam line. (3) when hot aubusson rugs, seams should be tight slot, after strict ironing. (4) before the aubusson rugs should be after the floor flat, lay the aubusson rugs. How to prevent the aubusson rugs around rough aubusson rugs tenants on the ground, aubusson rugs shop after the room surrounded by Burr, shell nosing is not tidy, corner flatness, is the common quality problems. Causes of these problems, most notably: (1) when cutting aubusson rugs, knife is not sharp, knife above the second repeat cutting, edge has several short villi, when laid, not embedded into thorn tops inside. (2) thorn tops too close against the wall, aubusson rugs edges not embedded into, resulting in aubusson rugs edges exposed, or thorns top walls too far, after laying aubusson rugs gaps caused after the shell nosing ragged edge. (3) when nested aubusson rugs surrounding sloppy, causing part of the exposed edge. (4) top shop corner pricking needle is not flat or too close to the walls, rugs, corners are not cut, resulting in aubusson rugs corner raised, not flat. To prevent these problems, at the time of laying the aubusson rugs, we must: (1) cutting aubusson rugs using sharp knife, cut open, avoid repeated cutting. (2) with acupuncture when top, should be based on thickness of aubusson rugs, determine the distance from the walls, rugs and wall joints after laying close. (3) the laying of the corner when the aubusson rugs should corner cutting across the rug, aubusson rugs edge embedded thorn tops inside, avoid rough aubusson rugs corner folded. (4) after aubusson rugs laying, inspection of the surrounding, Burr is not straight edge finishing should be carried out. How to prevent arch camber in the aubusson rugs after laying aubusson rugs laying flatness, arching phenomenon, not only affects the appearance of the room, and impact on the household use. This problem, mainly because: (1) laying on both sides when force is uneven or inconsistent, make aubusson rugs spread out in the course direction of the offset, rugs, local buckling occurs. (2) were strained when the aubusson rugs laying, or hot aubusson rugs is not strained. (3) aubusson rugs wet and after the shrink-swell, causing rugs fold. To prevent arch camber in the aubusson rugs tile installation, we must: (1) should be marked according to the room situation baseline when laying aubusson rugs spread along, speed on both sides even, not to kick open. (2) when laying the aubusson rugs should be tensed, ironing and then fixed to the thorns on the top. (3), usually used after laying aubusson rugs should be avoided when damp.