How to remove aubusson rugs stains?

1. take 600 grams, finishing 100 grams of flour, talcum powder, 100 gram, after mixing with water, add 30 Bo litres of liquor. Heat the mixture first, tune into a paste, after cooling evenly sprinkle on the aubusson rugs into pieces, and then with a dry brush and Lint Brush wipe, you can remove stains. 2. take the very fine salt end sub on the aubusson rugs, used in SOAP and water boiled broom back to sweep the rug, aubusson rugs dust cleared, with shiny. 3. If the home is not a vacuum cleaner, an old cloth or sheet, wrung after wetting with water, paving and then use the stick above the rug repeatedly beating so that dust adsorption in a wet old cloth to achieve decontamination purposes.