Hunan farmers heavy losses

In recent months, Li County, Hunan Province cotton family fortune over Wang’s stacked cotton has become a piece of his heart, “8 acres of land, 4,000 cotton Duojin not a sale.” A few days ago, over Wang told reporters that “if last year , Have long been more than 20,000 dollars of imports bag! “With Xian over the same this year, cotton farmers in Hunan have been unprecedented losses. Recently, the provincial government held a special meeting to study the work of the cotton. The meeting called for earnestly carry out the work of cotton, cotton enterprises in the acquisition of cotton should not be firmly rejected, not to keep the prices down, Da Baitiao not effectively protect the interests of farmers.

By the international financial crisis, China’s exports of cotton spinning enterprises poor, to reduce the demand for cotton, led to the decline in domestic cotton price. At the same time, by 20 days of continuous rain weather, this year’s general decline in the yield of cotton in Hunan Province. Man Wang said that last year his house up to 700 jin per mu of cotton this year, only 500 Duojin, chemical fertilizer and pesticide is also expensive than in previous years almost, “that can be catty, like last year with a sold-3 money, the results in September when each Kaicheng Jin only 2 6 (angle), Crimping has been no sale, did not expect more and low price, there are only 2 years and 6 hours, and this fall even have to Shoubu Hui, was also a reduction in production! ” Man Wang also told reporters that last year, Zhong Mianhua really profitable this year, some people also specializes in several dozen acres to 100 acres, about the results down the drain.

Cotton issue led to a loss of Hunan Provincial Party Committee of the provincial government attached great importance to cotton stressed the need to do a good job, to minimize the loss of cotton to protect the vital interests of farmers. Agricultural Development Bank of the province has arranged 2.2 billion acquisition of cotton a special line of credit, loans have been nearly 10 billion yuan, the province’s cotton capitalized.

At the meeting, asked the provincial government, the main cotton-producing areas at all levels of government and provincial departments must work in cotton as a major event in the current task. Supply and marketing cooperatives should give full play to the main channel, the province’s cotton supply and marketing cooperative system, enterprises should conscientiously implement the relevant national cotton policy, rational distribution network to acquire, so that grain, collect all that is due to the maximum benefit to allow farmers to help farmers increase Income.