VANCL2008-year sales are expected to reach 5 billion

In recent days, cutting-edge apparel companies to buy network VANCL passenger who Eslite announced that production of the world’s largest high-grade yarn-dyed fabric shirt manufacturers, but also the country’s largest textile and garment enterprises such as Lutai Textile several top international suppliers. From the traditional textile and garment enterprises with strong combination of e-commerce companies, in the current economic downturn and a difficult situation, the demonstration effect is all too apparent.

Lutai Textile Co., Ltd. is responsible for marketing the view that human rights Peng, VANCL as the nation’s largest apparel e-commerce enterprises, the quality of shirts and fabric are in line with the scale of demand for Lutai choose partners. He believed that such cooperation is not only Lutai important for the domestic market to explore, more importantly, is an international and Lu Tai-quality growth of China-made brands, the two sides of the interests of the brand will have a good return. Prior to Lu Tai mainly export products in Europe and America, Japan market. Lu Tai VANCL for domestic apparel in the field of the largest e-commerce partners.

Where a passenger Eslite old CEO, said Lu Tai in Shandong and other international brand suppliers to consumers in full compliance with VANCL adhere to international quality first-line brand promise of VANCL product quality and to maintain a high standard of user experience is of great significance. Old paper said, VANCL position in the Internet success of the home fashion apparel brand products. The aim of the new middle class, this group of the Internet and the growth phase of the new class, their way of life for the simple decency to justice, not to waste, but also pay attention to quality. VANCL early as the provision of suitable products that fit the trend of consumer life, so POLO-shirt sold, spinning cotton Oxford shirt and shirt with the widely popular these days. To extend this agreement, VANCL needs to be done in terms of the product to have a lot of services, but it is important to strengthen the quality of the Internet has become a new way of life of ethnic groups, similar to the U.S. GAP – With the United States a generation of growth, GAP also The United States has become the fashion retail giant.

IResearch forecasts, VANCL2008-year sales are expected to reach 5 billion in the domestic apparel in the field of e-commerce at least not lower than the 18.9 percent share, second only to the Taobao Shopping Mall. Observers here believe, VANCL focus on quality, choice of the top providers of e-commerce channels means that on the basis of the importance of brands. At the same time, the traditional textile and garment industry, in the current context, this is really worth a try a new path of cooperation.