Identification of cashmere, alpaca, mohair

A, cashmere is cashmere from the bottom of the goat who fine hair, goat growth in alpine meadow, for example in China, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, and so on. Cashmere production in China is the world’s great powers, cashmere yield more than one-second per cent of world output, and to Inner Mongolia cashmere for the best. Cashmere fibre is characterized by delicate, soft. The slide fabric feel soft, waxy, shiny soft, wool fabric light weight than many of the same thickness, and mostly pile face style. In General, light originating from white cashmere cashmere coat, good quality and dark are mostly taken from the purple velvet or Green Velvet, less quality. Second, the silky wool of alpaca wool from called “alpaca” (also known as “aerbaka”) animals, the animals mainly grows in Peru’s Andes mountains. Andes 4,500 metres above sea level, and temperature difference between great night-20~-18 ¡æ and 15~18¡æ during the day, the sun radiation strong, thin, cold and windy in the atmosphere. In such a harsh life in the context of alpacas, their hair, of course, can withstand extreme temperature changes. Alpaca wool not only to moisture, can effectively protect against sunlight radiation, alpaca fibers contain visible under a microscope of Medullary cavity, so that its warm-keeping performance is better than wool, cashmere and mohair. In addition, the alpaca fiber has more than 17 kinds of natural color from white to black, and a range of different shades of Brown, grey, is a special animal fibre of natural color-rich in fibre. We see in the market “aerbaka” that refers to the silky wool; and “Soviet” is one of alpaca and full age alpaca, fiber is long, and luster beautiful; say “Pui Pui” for young alpaca wool, relative fiber finer, softer. Alpaca wool fabric feel slippery, of keeping warm is very good. Three, mahaimaomahaimao refers to Angola and goats ‘ hair, produced mainly in South Africa, which is characterized by fiber over the thick, curly small, good gloss. Mohair fabric feel slippery, surface gloss foot. Mohair and alpaca wool fabrics as much as a short smooth hair style.