In 2012, Shaoxing textile output value will reach 370,000,000,000 yuan

28, from the reporters that Shaoxing Economic and Trade Commission, textile, energy saving and environmental protection, food and beverage industry, the three had been planning to enhance the development of accreditation. These three industries are the focus of future city planning and development of five major industries.

These three industries, the textile industry in Shaoxing is the leading industries and traditional industries. According to the plan, the textile industry in the future will be “differentiation, brand, high-end and international” strategy, taking both inside and outside, the volume of both the quality of development. Plan, 2012, the city’s textile industry output value of industrial enterprises above designated size reached 370,000,000,000 yuan, the annual growth of 12%, accounting for 8% of the share of textiles; self-exports to 160 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 25%, accounting for National Textile proportion of 8%; for many years for sales 1,000,000,000 yuan more than 50 enterprises, of which 5,000,000,000 yuan business ultra-5 and above; textile industry, the efficiency of resource use to increase significantly, waste emissions decreased unit of industrial added value Energy consumption, the main unit product energy consumption and waste emissions in the domestic advanced level.

Shaoxing is the energy saving and environmental protection industries of the future economic growth and emerging industries to develop energy-saving environmental protection industry in our city will change the mode of economic growth and social development plays an important role to promote and drive. According to plan, by 2012, Shaoxing, energy saving and environmental protection industries will reach an annual output value of 100,000,000,000 yuan. At the same time planning a clear photovoltaic industry, environmental protection equipment industry, electric energy-saving light industries such as the three major areas of focus, building along the National Highway 104 with photovoltaic industry, Zhuji state-level environmental protection equipment and industrial base Shangyu energy-saving electric light industrial zone, and other characteristics of the three Industry group.

The food industry is important in our city’s traditional industries, plans by 2012, the city’s food industry enterprises above designated size of the main economic indicators improved, the industrial output value 30,000,000,000 yuan, sales income of 300 billion yuan, total profit and tax of 50 billion yuan, An average annual increase of 25%. Which focused on the development of the rice wine industry, by 2012, the industrial cluster of the five centers will be built.

It is reported that five major industries in the other two industries are also planning assessment will be held in recent days. In addition to the assessment has been adopted by the plan, five major industrial city will also put forward specific policies.