India’s textile minister said the textile industry in Chaoyang change

 India gujarat state textile park will be built 7, a total of 30.5 billion rupees to attract investment and create 98,000 job opportunities.

Federal Textile Minister of India Shri Shankersinh Vaghela said the government’s biggest achievement is the Indian textile industry from sunset industries to change the Chaoyang Industry.

He said that over the past three years has played a rationalization of tax revenue and leverage, to achieve the historic development of the textile industry. The last 4 years, increased investment in the textile industry, 2004-2008 investment of Rs 1,045,060,000,000, 2012 is expected to reach Rs 10,506,000,000,000. 2012 growth of these investments will create 17,370,000 jobs.

In 2007-08, India’s textile and garment exports amounted to 21,460,000,000 U.S. dollars, in accordance with 12.10 percent growth in U.S. dollar terms. Textile and garment exports in 2008-09 over 2007-08 will grow by at least 15%. India’s textile and garment exports have been diversified pattern formation.