In the first wire will be re-opened the revitalization of the Chinese silk is an important step

Olympic opening ceremony, Hua Zhou long slowly back to us that is full of miracles of the distant era. Flying in the Shennule ingenuity of the graceful, the world famous “Silk Road” to show people in the world. More than 2,000 years ago, the Chinese team are always on with the precious silk from Chang’an (now Xi’an in Shaanxi Province), through the Hexi Corridor, to enter the European continent. Since then, the “Silk Road” in the West has become an important gateway for economic and cultural exchanges.

Vertical and horizontal scroll of history, then we have a great paddle from land to sea, maritime Silk Road of ancient sea traffic artery. Since the beginning of the Han Dynasty, China and the Malay Peninsula on the contact, especially in the Tang Dynasty, from more encryption. More than 600 years ago, the Ming Dynasty, Zheng He led 27,000 people 7th fleet voyage from China, to Dacia, the East African region, so that the “Silk Road on the Sea” has reached its peak when brilliant.

Out of the long river of history, in 2009 China Silk Trade Fair is also tension among the preparations for China’s silk market and the development of the silk industry in recent years, “wire” to use new ideas for re-production of the new Silk Road Chinese silk.

China Silk Trade Fair originated in the 1980s, the silk industry in circulation reputation, but for various reasons were previously closed. In fact, the 2008 recovery in the first wire will be re-run, high-profile appearance, but also the revitalization of the Chinese silk is an important step.

China Silk Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as “silk”) was brought to the eyes of the new atmosphere. In the textile business associations from China to re-build the “wire” the platform of the ancient silk full of brand-new look, “East Saint transfer” project has made great achievements, “China brand” the candidate of the new enterprise Gu Mao Yan; and classic The stylish blend of traditional and modern blend of innovative technology and culture Far Side of the World brand, marketing and interpretation of the policy ideas summit, to create not only an industry to promote the exchange of trade, promotion of domestic consumption, adjust the orientation of traditional industries a powerful platform for Enterprise development, the transition has provided valuable experience and the development of new ideas. Chinese silk will feature many new ideas to the development of China’s four major new Silk Road.

One of the new ideas: the new wire into the shop, the shop Skin

In 2008 in the wire at the meeting has set up a “China brand” display area to Beijing Rui Fu Xiang, Yi Cheung Kwok-him, the Shanghai office of silk, silk Shandong Province run wide, dry Tai Cheung Suzhou, Anhui, China Yuan silk and represented the first batch of China Silk brand into the display area.

In 2009 in the wire at the meeting, the shop still is a major, and silk these old bearer of China’s ancient silk culture and history. For their participation in the silk will add a lot of charm. The production and circulation enterprises in the field of copolymer show the boss really is set up between production and sales in a convenient communication and the exchange of bridges, “wire” to allow commercial brand in the exhibition on display give the new measures, connected for silk production and marketing chain To do something practical and meaningful.

The circulation of a century old silk, with the exhibition through a large number of partners has a direct exchange, but also be able to understand the silk industry to develop new products and other businesses some good marketing tool to be able to inject new life into the old, Old has a positive advance with the times.

The second new idea: the new market, brand new, luxurious but not worth the connotation of quality silk apparel industry is in the soft gold, are used to be export-oriented, the lack of independent brands. Export of raw silk, silk OEM processing is the main export products, although some companies rely on in this way the formation of larger, more exports, but its well-known brands in the domestic business and does not correspond to the size, value-added products also Lower.

Silk in the domestic Chinese consumption has yet to become mainstream, according to the statistics, the average annual consumption of Chinese silk textiles less than in personal consumption of 10%. The lack of integration into the high-tech industry, the lack of fashion style design elements. In recent years, enterprises with an increase in the cost of silk, not the consumer market as the size, with the result that industry R & D and technological progress slow, and some products that have not yet solved color fastness, wrinkle, shrink, and so on, In addition, the ability to design low, a lot of Silk dress style still remain in the Qibashinian on behalf of the last century, can not attract consumers. In addition, enterprises do not pay attention to the development of the domestic market. It is understood that the current domestic market to digest the amount cocoon only 30% of the majority of high-quality silk for export and domestic sales lower the quality of silk. In fact, the domestic high-grade silk market potential is huge. The survey showed that large and medium-sized cities in China, at least 20% of the people are willing to spend and can afford high-grade silk.

But with the improvement of people’s consumption level, more and more domestic consumers to pursue green, environmental protection, personality, style of consumption.

Silk products easier to meet people’s consumption demand, their standard of living for consumers of silk products have a strong market demand. Since the properties of silk products in line with modern trends in consumption, this is not no market demand for silk products, but consumers are waiting for the good of silk products. Market access is the process of Silk brand of the largest problems. This is because the Chinese silk industry for a long time outside the light weight, the lack of formal training in marketing strength, as well as the domestic market does not have the Silk brand of care and other factors.

In the current highly competitive business environment, “China Silk brand franchise stores is a new Silk Road”, because this road is a silk industry of its own. This is the China Silk brand growth shortcut, the shortcut to success, must be precise positioning, it is necessary to promote a unified marketing, research and development reunification. Silk industry through the Silk brand franchise stores better integration of resources, brand-building process can be shortened.

Silk brand to have to fight to support culture, there is no effective brand platform for the operation of public support, there is no feature to support activities, alone on their own individual enterprises, a struggling card, expensive and the results would be poor. China’s silk industry to do business brand, is now the best initial stage, Chinese silk has the most potential to become an international brand, for silk in China’s silk enterprises provided a most direct and wide-ranging platform, the China Silk Will be the birth of famous brand in China.

The third new ideas, new products to meet the full range of all the new demands

Listening to Indian paintings on paper, silk print any image you want, but a new, the introduction and application of technology as a major gifts and home accessories. After the introduction of products by the market. In addition to mass production, this new product has attracted so many customers personalized products.

In addition to the production of traditional silk garments, the Silk Road in recent years, the company developing silk products at home and set up a special silk textile products, industrial parks dedicated to the production of wide silk products. Since the domestic production of such products to small business, the Silk Road in this area has a strong competitive edge.

There are newly developed two-woven silk cocoon palace was, was through the silk from pulp processing, more than the traditional bulk products, but also can avoid the use of renovation. New product not only of high value-added, more by the market, to stimulate consumer demand for silk products from consumer enthusiasm.

In the final analysis, products, brands and technology content in order to raise the value-added products, silk products, silk industries and create more opportunities for glory once again.

Four of the new Silk Road, the new production of the new platform, “East Saint shift” fruitful

China’s silk industry is to occupy a natural, and the favorable conditions. In the wire will set up a platform for the industry, will be allowed to come with doubts about the participating enterprises with no regrets and go through the platform, on the one hand, allow exhibitors to maximize the interests of enterprises, on the other hand, for things Department of Enterprise to build a product to market combined with the platform. ”

Now talk about the development of resources, China is no shortage of resources, resources that silk is only for the enjoyment of all mankind, not Chinese silk imports on January 2, the world needed to wire in each of the two seven money from China, China Silk industry is to contribute to mankind’s industries.

Given the current situation of the silk industry, the department implemented two years ago, “East Saint transfer” project, the largest of the project is characterized by the spread of small farmers Zhongsangyangcan modes of production, merging into focus the production base for young professionals. Implementation of the project over the past two years, has made very good results, significant improvement in the quality of silk. It is reported that more than a decade ago, China’s average level of quality silk for the 2A level. “East Saint transfer” project, the quality of the silk on a higher level, the national average reached a level 3A. To improve the quality of the silk industry of China’s silk production of end products has laid a good foundation for raw materials. In addition, to promote silk product development, brand strategy for the implementation of China’s silk industry, not only appeared in a number of foreign consumer good, high-quality silk products, but also to open up the domestic market has laid a solid foundation.

To display the “East Saint transfer” project achieved important results and help new businesses and traditional industries chain to better integrate, in this wire will be ad hoc, “East Saint shift,” showing the results of the area for new business structures From raw materials to display, the trading platform. This is to help start-ups as soon as possible into the traditional industrial chain is of great significance.

Chinese silk industry to the Olympic Games and 20th in the wire will be as an opportunity to promote business and production enterprises, promoting the production and the market, must be able to start the silk domestic market. Chinese silk industry has driven domestic sales, exports will be solid enough. This is because if China’s silk can be used in 70% of the domestic consumer market, our silk industry in the international market price will be more